They’re Shrimp-ly Delicious!

I found this advert inadvertently…(see how I did that?)

You see, I was over at Dinner With Max Jenke reading the latest post about the film The Mysterious Monsters. I clicked on the first video. Oh cool, a totally awesome trailer for the 1976 docudrama!

The ominous voice over started telling me all about Bigfoot, The Abominable Snowman, The Loch Ness Monster and all the trouble these strange and mysterious beasts were into. Then this happened at the end of the clip:

What the fuck?!

I can’t tell if I find it totally disgusting or totally delicious…I know it’s just an egg roll…but for some reason it just seems so bizarre to me. Maybe it’s because the guy never says egg roll? Maybe it’s because I was already all freaked out by Bigfoot attacking poor Rita Graham? Maybe it’s the packaging?

Who knows?

Jesus, Dinosaurs And More!

Wow…I don’t know where to start.

Dinosaurs In The Bible!

Jesus, Dinosaurs and More” is a webpage of Scientific evidence supporting the Biblical account of Creation.

The main focus of this web site will be:

1) Where Dinosaurs can be found in the Bible

2) Evidence that Man and Dinosaurs were both Created by God on the same day, and lived together before Noah’s Flood, and (dinosaurs) became extinct shortly there after.

3) Man was Created in the Image of God, and Did NOT evolve from Ape-like creatures. Each so called “Ape-man” will be examined, and you will see the numerous misidentifications, frauds and cover ups that have taken place. You will also see the original complexity in God’s design of man and apes, and how much of this complexity has been lost due to degeneration.

Whatever on number 3…make with the dinosaurs!