Today Is Brought To You By The Letter A.

A is for…

I’m totally crushing on her and here’s why:

1. She’s hot.

2. I’m no medical doctor, but I’m pretty sure she’s crazy.

3. She’s a Virgo…just like me.

4. She’s not afraid to show some skin…and I can certainly get behind that level of dedication to her craft!

Peep this quote from her commentary on Scarlet Diva:

I grew this enormous bush, ’cause I thought it would sell the movie in Japan. ‘Cause the Japanese really like hair. Hairy…uh…female genitals. So I…uh, actually saw the movie in Japan…I don’t know if it was because of the bush or they just liked the manga-like story…I think it’s for the bush.

Homegirl knows what the people want and she’s not afraid to give it to ’em!

Here’s a screen shot of Asia in Scarlet Diva. You can’t see it here kids, but believe me, it is awesomely enormous! If you’re curious about the bush all you have to do is rent the movie (or just Goggle: Asia Argento bush…it works…I’m pretty sure Asia hates wearing clothes) and you’ll see what all of Japan went bananas for!

A also stands for something else! It stands for the alias of one of the best bloggers out there. He actually reminded me of Asia’s birthday with his post on Saturday. I’m totally crushing on him today as well. His name is….

While I’m not sure about the enormity of his bush, I do know that ARBOGAST ON FILM is essential reading for movie and pop culture enthusiasts of all ages! And here’s why:

1. I’ve never seen him so I don’t know if he’s hot, but he is mysterious…and that counts for something.

2. Again, I’m no medical doctor, but I’m pretty sure he’s a genius.

3. I’m not sure what his astrological sign is…like I said, he’s a mystery. I guess that’s not really a reason but I was going for consistency here, people.

4. He’s not afraid to give the people what they want either…but he never panders to the lower tastes and desires of others or exploits his reader’s weaknesses. Seriously, you need to make a daily pilgrimage to his blog…There’s The One You Might Have Saved Blog-a-Thon, The Kill Face Chronicles, and more reviews and musings of a madman than you can shake a severed limb at!

If you don’t believe me it will be your loss, turkeys! Hell, even Stacie Ponder over at Final Girl says, “Arbogast rules,” and you can’t argue with that.

So, that’s not all the letter A stands for today…it also stands for:


‘Cause both Asia and Arbogast totally get the full on 5 Spaghetti Cat rating!

You two kooky kids rock my world! And that’s the truth!

6 Responses to “Today Is Brought To You By The Letter A.”

  1. Amanda By Night Says:

    I like both Arbogast and Asia too! Although Asia gets me with that bush… every time! Actually, Scarlet Diva is an amazing piece of cinema. It’s so raw and personal. She’s one of the most open actresses I can think of (insert dirty joke here), and is just a natural. And yes, she is extremely hot.

    A guy I know knows a guy who slept with Asia (do you love my 6 degrees). Apparently, he was at a club in Italy with his boyfriend (no joke!) and Asia walked up to him and said “I want to fakk you.” And he let her. Apparently he’s a huge Dario nut, so you know, it’s close enough.

    If it were any other actress, I’d question it, but not her!

  2. bwanavoodoo Says:

    That thing about the Japs liking hairy pussy doesn’t sound right, does it? Judging by their porno and the young girl thing that’s so big over there. I think she’s just trying to explain the big bush which doesn’t need explanation any way. This whole shaved bush thing is outta hand now anyway.

  3. mrcanacorn Says:

    I think she was referring to the fact that they don’t allow the genitalia to appear in their films…all that creepy pixelization in their porn weirds me out.

    Agreed…but I was a fan of the 90s landing strip though.

  4. bwanavoodoo Says:

    I like her but she seems a little too anal on the first date.

  5. mrcanacorn Says:

    Wow…why am I not surprised?

    That about sums her up perfectly.

  6. Arvin Stevens Says:

    Asia brings the awesome in both hands. Watch her smash Willem Dafoe’s heart with her wanton nudity in NEW ROSE HOTEL, as Christopher Walken looks on approvingly.

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