Rocktober! Day 1

It’s my favorite month of the year, kids! Time to celebrate all things metal and horror for 31 days!

Rocktober Blood is one of those movies that I’ve always wanted to see, but never got the chance…I will be rectifying that somehow…

Now check this awesomeness from the only movie to celebrate stunts, magic, and metal…STUNT ROCK!

Seriously, if you’ve never seen Stunt Rock, you haven’t lived….

Hope for A Better Tomorrow

Man, I’m just a sucker for t shirts…especially one featuring 3 of my favorite big screen heroes of all time!

Available from DUTCH SOUTHERN

Buy it now before life has become a whirlwind of looting and a firestorm of fear, in which men began to feed on men or…

Manhattan Island is turned into a maximum security prison or…

The world is a damn, dirty, dystopian ape society!