Oh, Kenley…

After watching last night’s Proj Run, I finally figured out who the delightful Kenley Collins reminds me of.

Years ago I worked with a woman who constantly complained about how she could never keep any friends. Ever since she was a kid, the story always played out the same…Make new friends, spend time with them, then, out of the blue, her friends would drop her like a hot potato! For no reason! It always happened…the same way…every time.

You see, it was her shitty attitude, manipulative behavior, sour disposition, inflated self worth, and her constant badgering and belittling of others that made them unable to remain in a toxic relationship with this poor creature.

So, Kenley, get used to it. Just like my ex-coworker (and ex-friend), it’s happened to you your whole life because you’re the fucking problem.

You’re a jerk…and people generally don’t like jerks.

Oh, good luck at Bryant Park…….jerk.

*Photo from the most awesome PROJECT RUNGAY…check it out…they rule.

8 Responses to “Oh, Kenley…”

  1. auntjohn Says:

    Have you peeped her awesome “elegant wear” yet?

  2. mrcanacorn Says:

    Wow, they range from gnar gnars to meh…

    Why do I have a horrible feeling she’s going to win this?

  3. auntjohn Says:

    I think if she had won, she would’ve hired someone to do something with that piss poor web site… but it does match her attitude, so maybe she did.

  4. bwanavoodoo Says:

    A few years back I found in my garage (where else) some nekkid pictures I believe might have been that chick that used to work with you, whose name I forgot. She was skanky, I think her name was Coozy. This has nothing to do with anything but I just remembered so I’m sharing.

  5. mrcanacorn Says:

    Your garage is certainly the most wondrous place on earth…

  6. fashionz4lyfe Says:

    Kenley is a total retard who can’t design clothes for s***. if she wins, I’ll go dunk my head in the toilet.

  7. Rastlin Says:

    So far Kenley is the cutest contestant on all the series’.
    I also think she has the best made designs of anyone on
    the show. The designs might not be that great….but they
    are VERY well made. Most of the time hers are perfectly made
    and all the others like have thread hanging down or have
    ruffles in the wrong areas…..

    She SHOULD win. The others are just being caddy.
    Having a crappy attidude doesn’t mean that she can’t
    make great clothes.

  8. mrcanacorn Says:

    Hey Rastlin (Ar first I thought your name was a cool Dragonlance reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raistlin_Majere..but since the spelling is different, I guess not. Oh well.),

    Anyway, I personally don’t find Ms. Collins all that cute, but different strokes and all that (Hell, I used to have a crush on Grace Jones when I was a kid, so who am I to judge) and I’m not so crazy about her designs. Boring looks, questionable prints, and rehashing the same 1940s vintage dress just about every week is not my idea of a winning contestant for Bryant Park.

    Construction wise, I guess her clothes look alright, but they really don’t impress me all that much. But none of the designers are impressing me…Let’s face it, this season is pretty weak across the board, so it’s not to hard for Kenley to shine like “the little tugboat that could” on certain challenges.

    I’m not so sure if she “SHOULD” win, but it sure is looking like she MIGHT win this one. We’ll see in a week…

    True, the behavior of the remaining contestants is a bit on the childish side, but Kenley’s jerky demeanor just seems to bring it out in others. They’re being a whole lot nicer to Kenley than I ever would, that’s for sure.

    Thanks for sharing, Rastlin, and I’m sure one of us will be cheering next week while the other is drowning their tears in their beer.

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