Rocktober! Day 7

So, Ozzy may have had a bigger budget for Bark At The Moon, but this video is straight up spooky*, kids! Candlemass brings the Swedish Epic Doom Metal and brings it HARD!

When Messiah Marcolin pops up out of that tiny coffin and starts bewitching a dozen or so unlucky Swedes it’s downright hair raising! And speaking of hair, The Wife says she’s always felt bad for the curly haired metalheads who try to grow their hair long…er, out. But being a curly headed guy myself, I think Messiah pulls it off.

You know, after watching this video 6 or 7 times, it’s really grown on me…I honestly think that Bewitched is a pretty cool song.

Thanks to METAL HUMOR for the heads up on this one!

*And by spooky, I do mean goofy.