Goin’ Back To Slumburg 09

FUCK YEAH! Canacorn says, “Bring it!”

When the fifth printing of my BRAT PACK tpb sold out a few months back, I promised I’d have big news about the next edition and here it is! King Hell Press will release INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH BRAT PACK, a 300+ page limited hardcover collection of all things Slumbergian, in Spring of 2009. The book will include the completely remastered original graphic novel (I’ve been able to rescan all the original art thanks to good guy art dealer Albert Moy), all the various color covers, over fifty pages of sketches, unused pages and promotional art along with the never before seen original proposal that I presented DC Comics with back in 1998. On top of that I’ll be writing a behind the scenes history of Tundra, King Hell and the whole furshlugginer comics scene circa 1991 when BRAT PACK became the #1 best selling independent comic and was nominated for an Eisner Award as best new series. And as icing on the cake, Steve Bissette has written an enlightening historical and cultural appreciation of the sidekick phenomena in comics and film titled TEEN ANGELS.

So if your old trade paperback of BRAT PACK is worn out, pass it on to a worthy friend who enjoys current series like THE BOYS, KICK ASS and THE AUTHORITY. And make space on your bookshelf for the ultimate omnibus edition of the great grandaddy of all twisted superheroes. INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH BRAT PACK will be solicited in FEBRUARY 2009 PREVIEWS for April shipping.


Rocktober! Day 8

Okay, let’s go back to the movies, my little fiends…but this time, with a twist!

The original “Lullaby” for Rosemary’s Baby (written by Krzysztof Komeda and sung by Mia Farrow) is beautiful and haunting, but not metal at all. But what if I told you that there is a metal version of Lullaby..and it’s just as beautifully haunting?

You’d probably call, “bullshit“….or you’d be all, “Duh. It’s by Fantômas and they covered a whole bunch of horror and non-horror film songs for their totally awesome album, THE DIRECTOR’S CUT.”

Well, if you called bullshit, I say listen to this:

And, if you knew all about Fantômas already, then I suggest you take a listen to the original again, just so you can appreciate a little bit of history, smartypants.