Goin’ Back To Slumburg 09

FUCK YEAH! Canacorn says, “Bring it!”

When the fifth printing of my BRAT PACK tpb sold out a few months back, I promised I’d have big news about the next edition and here it is! King Hell Press will release INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH BRAT PACK, a 300+ page limited hardcover collection of all things Slumbergian, in Spring of 2009. The book will include the completely remastered original graphic novel (I’ve been able to rescan all the original art thanks to good guy art dealer Albert Moy), all the various color covers, over fifty pages of sketches, unused pages and promotional art along with the never before seen original proposal that I presented DC Comics with back in 1998. On top of that I’ll be writing a behind the scenes history of Tundra, King Hell and the whole furshlugginer comics scene circa 1991 when BRAT PACK became the #1 best selling independent comic and was nominated for an Eisner Award as best new series. And as icing on the cake, Steve Bissette has written an enlightening historical and cultural appreciation of the sidekick phenomena in comics and film titled TEEN ANGELS.

So if your old trade paperback of BRAT PACK is worn out, pass it on to a worthy friend who enjoys current series like THE BOYS, KICK ASS and THE AUTHORITY. And make space on your bookshelf for the ultimate omnibus edition of the great grandaddy of all twisted superheroes. INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH BRAT PACK will be solicited in FEBRUARY 2009 PREVIEWS for April shipping.


6 Responses to “Goin’ Back To Slumburg 09”

  1. bwanavoodoo Says:

    So he’s encouraging you to give away something you already have and buy the more expensive new “malibu stacy with a new hat” version. Shrewd. Is he the guy behind the new super ++millenium collector’s edition bonus mega new director’s cut of EVIL DEAD with bonus tiny lobby card and keepsake metal box?

  2. mrcanacorn Says:

    Yeah…but it’s SPECIAL. And I love me something special…and Rick’s comics are some of my personal faves….especially the King Hell Heroica stuff.

    How many times CAN they re-release Evil Dead though? I got the Book of the Dead version and that’s it.

  3. bwanavoodoo Says:

    I read some of it. Never did get into the stuff where they make Batman gay and a pedophile or Superman and Batman are gay, or even more obviously make the Flash a speed freak.. Seemed like they were just trying too hard to be controversial. More fallout from Alan Moore.

  4. mrcanacorn Says:

    Rick was commenting on the new wave of “dark” comics and trying to be overly repulsive to make a point. He certainly saw what comics were going to turn into thanks to Garth Ennis and his imitators. He didn’t totally succeed (as he admits) with Bratpack, but I think he did with Maximortal.

    He’s worked with Alan (who I enjoy…especially his run on Swamp Thing…which I know you hate) many times, so I guess you could consider Rick’s work a “fallout” of sorts…but I think he’s different enough from Alan to not be a imitator…more of a contemporary.

  5. bwanavoodoo Says:

    No, I love that they made Swamp Thing a tree fairy. Cus before he was just a big plant mud monster that fought werewolves, giant worms and robots. Now, he cries and has a fairy baby that talks to trees and stuff.

  6. bwanavoodoo Says:

    I’m mostly kidding. Mostly. Except that Alan Moore whines a lot.

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