Rocktober! Day 13

Okay, look, I’ve seen a shit-ton of movies in my 36 years, but there’s just no way I’ll ever see ’em all! For every ICE CREAM MAN and EVIL TOONS I’ve enjoyed, there’s always a SHOCK ‘EM DEAD that I’ve missed out on.

Now just because I haven’t seen SHOCK ‘EM DEAD doesn’t mean I can’t include it in my 31 day celebration of metal and horror…Check out this one sentence synopsis by the guy who provided the following clip:

Martin sells his soul to the devil (played by Michael Angelo Batio) in order to become “the great rock star in the world – and everything that comes with it” in…the 1991 low budget heavy metal horror flick ‘Shock ‘Em Dead’.”

How could I resist?

Wait a sec?! The devil is none other than Michael Angelo Batio?! No Fucking Way!!! You might not remember this Shredder Extraordinaire by name, but if you’ve wasted any amount of time on your computer in the past 3 years, you must have seen this awesomeness:

Fuck Yeah! This is Awesomeness To The Extreme!!! Want more awesomeness? Click HERE!

Whew…okay, back to SHOCK ‘EM DEAD. I know I haven’t concentrated on the horror aspects of this film but, I think some of y’all just might be horrified by this next clip!

AAAAGGGHHH! Headbands! Neon tank tops! Guess? jeans! Guitar Face! High waisted jeans! Shirtless drummers! Traci Lords fully clothed! The horror! Oh, The horror….