Rocktober! Day 14

Dammit! Another horror movie featuring some wicked metal that I haven’t seen! This is getting out of hand…Here I am trying to cover 31 days filled with horror and metal, and as I conduct my “research” I keep unearthing films and bands that I’m not familiar with or haven’t had the chance to check out yet.

Which brings us to Black Roses on this 14th day of Rocktober!

Well, at least I’m familiar with this one unlike yesterday’s post for SHOCK ‘EM DEAD…Even though I’ve never seen the film, I do own the soundtrack on LP…which really isn’t the same since I don’t get these awesome visuals to go along with the songs:

Rock Invasion! Yeeeeeeeeeeah!

That was awesome, but not too scary…I wonder what happens next?

Woah, what the fuck is going on? Wait a minute, didn’t Bwana review this one over at GORILLANAUT? Let’s click on over and find out!

You can also check out my review of the soundtrack I did a while back…also on GORILLANAUT, of course!