Rocktober! Day 15

Wow, 15 days already? Okay, let’s keep this train a rollin’, you kooky kids!

I’d like to dedicate this next Rocktober video to the 2 different people who found my blog by typing “Meat Hat Porn” into their (obviously) abused search engines.

I’m pretty sure they were disappointed by the Rachel Ray video they found over at Awesomeness, so here’s something a little…uh, meatier….not so much pornier, but be warned, the following vid is still NSFW.

That means, “Not Safe For Work“, boners!

The music is by thrash metal giants Destruction and the song is Mad Butcher, of course! Any of you horror fans know what movie the clips are from? (This is an easy one…) Extra credit if you give me the Italian title.

Pretty cool huh? For a bunch more horror movie/metal music mashups, truck on over to HORROR PAIN GORE DEATH! It’s a (blood)feast for your eyes and ears!