Rocktober! Day 18

So yesterday was a bit of the new school of heavy metal, but today is all about the early days of Doom Metal!

Remember Saint Vitus? I remember looking at pictures of those dudes when I was in my early teens and thinking, “Those are some scary dudes.” Metallica looked like guys I went to school with, but Saint Vitus looked like a bunch of wild bikers…or worse, wild, meth addled bikers that worshiped the devil…or something even more sinister…like, wild, meth addled bikers that worshiped the devil and raped teenage runawaysboys or girls!

Whatever…all I’m trying to say was, they freaked me out. And their band name….snatched right from the song titles off of Sabbath Vol 4St. Vitus’ Dance, a thinly veiled song about cocaine addiction or just another tune about apraxia? I’m not sure, but either way, only a band of crazed freaks would choose it as their band name.

Well, I finally got around to listening to their music…I realized that Saint Vitus was just a bunch of dudes, who may or may not be wild, meth addled bikers that worshiped the devil and rape teenage runaways, that write really cool songs with some heavy riffage.

Check Zombie Hunger, a song about being a zombie, with original singer, Scott Reagers:

Now check out a song about being a troll, called, The Troll, with singer and guitarist, Scott “Wino” Weinrich:

Thanks, Saint Vitus, for making Rocktober a bit more doomier today!