What Is The Bride Of Awesomeness?

That’s right, boners, I’ve started another blog over at Blogger.


I dunno?

Just ’cause, I guess.

Peep it…it’s less word and link heavy…but a bit more on the adult side than the original Awesomeness. So that means, if you have a short attention span and like looking at naked chicks, this could be the blog for you!

Don’t fret, Awesomeness is still my main hangout. But if you want a little more awesomeness in you life, check out:



She’s still under construction but there’s a few things to feast your eyes on, like:

What are the registered sex offenders in Baltimore doing this Halloween?

Patron Saints.

What movie am I watching?

The Grimace.

Munster porn.

Alrighty then!

See you there!

Rocktober! Day 19

Yes, I know the difference between prog rock and heavy metal…I’ve worked in a record store for a decade.

But I just couldn’t let another day of Rocktober go by without mentioning GOBLIN.

If you doubt these wacky Italians don’t have a bit of the metal coursing through their veins just check out Zaratozom from the Zombi soundtrack!

Besides, the soundtrack to Suspira is one of my most favorite recordings in the world…

So, bottom line is: metal or not, it’s my damn blog and if I say Goblin is worthy of Rocktober, than so be it.

I have spoken.