What Is The Bride Of Awesomeness?

That’s right, boners, I’ve started another blog over at Blogger.


I dunno?

Just ’cause, I guess.

Peep it…it’s less word and link heavy…but a bit more on the adult side than the original Awesomeness. So that means, if you have a short attention span and like looking at naked chicks, this could be the blog for you!

Don’t fret, Awesomeness is still my main hangout. But if you want a little more awesomeness in you life, check out:



She’s still under construction but there’s a few things to feast your eyes on, like:

What are the registered sex offenders in Baltimore doing this Halloween?

Patron Saints.

What movie am I watching?

The Grimace.

Munster porn.

Alrighty then!

See you there!

2 Responses to “What Is The Bride Of Awesomeness?”

  1. bwanavoodoo Says:

    cool. Are you still watching Tuff TurF? Or is it over. Too bad I cut Cousian Giacomo’s Tough Turf bit out of the video review but it went something like this: I really lika Tougha Turf with the Kim Richards. Ypou know she had the crimpa hair.

  2. mrcanacorn Says:

    Man, that hair was out of fucking control. It was a strange one..almost a musical, not quite a John Hughes film, not quite an action film…Hell, I don’t know what I watched.

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