Rocktober! Day 20

The 20th of Rocktober belongs to one man and one man only.

Vincent Damon Furnier‘s records take up a sizable section of my record collection. There are so many great LPs, it’s hard to pick just one (never mind just one song) for Rocktober…but one record in particular seems to rise to the top when it comes to horror…

WELCOME TO MY NIGHTMARE. This cassette was in heavy rotation in my car in high school. (No, I wasn’t in high school in the mid seventies)…Anyway, there are so many awesome tracks on this record it’s hard to pick my favorite…maybe it’s Alice’s ode to necrophilia, Cold Ethyl (which wasn’t Alice’s first foray into the fridge)…

…or maybe it’s The Black Widow, featuring horror icon, Vincent Price:

Honestly, I will say that Years Ago, Stephen, and The Awakening actually gave me the heebie jeebies back in the day:

Man, I seriously need to get my hands on the Welcome To My Nightmare dvd!

Pretty spooky stuff, huh kids? Well, don’t be too freaked out…here’s Alice with The Muppets so you’re no too scared to go to sleep tonight:

Unpleasant dreams…..