Rocktober! Day 22

Swan’s message on the back of my Phantom Of The Paradise LP:

An Invitation…
How exciting these satanic ’70s. This magical time when reality and fantasy are so cleverly disguised by the media masters. Full color shoot outs nightly on all channels. In the movies. In the news. Fact or fiction? Check your local TV listings if you’re left confused.

Here at The Paradise we offer you a special blend off ends and fact. Atrocity and art. Music and murder twice nightly. And is the horror you witness mere theatrics, or is it real? The only way to be sure…is to participate.

At The Paradise our performers are contracted to entertain you at any cost! And entertain you they will. Trust me… SWAN”

There is nothing I can say about this awesome Rocktober pick that hasn’t been covered at the amazing site, THE SWAN ARCHIVES!

You can also check out a review at one of my new favorite places to waste some time and learn a few things at: No Smoking In The Skull Cave!

Enough chatter…On with the music!

So, here we have The Undead performing “(The Beef Construction Song) Somebody Super Like You” followed by Beef’s, “Life At Last” (totally a Canacorn favorite):

Oh, Beef, could you be any cooler?

Beef. Knows drug real from real real.

Beef. Knows drug real from real real.

He steals every fucking scene he’s in…check it:

And that’s your quickie Rocktober post for today…things are crazy busy at Casa Canacorn this month…so Rocktober might have to suffer a bit. Never fear, I will complete this insane (or is it inane?) task of honoring 31 days of horror and metal on Awesomeness…of this I swear!

2 Responses to “Rocktober! Day 22”

  1. The Principal Archivist Says:

    Thanks for the link! I’m glad you like the site…warms this archivist’s heart.


  2. Becca Says:

    I LOVE this movie! Have the soundtrack and listen to it tons! Paul Williams is so great in this…just the right amount of creepy!

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