Rocktober! Day 26




Oh yes, my friends…the year was 1983 and these four knuckleheads decided it would be a good idea to cover HELTER SKELTER by The Beatles.

The song was pretty damn metal for 1968, so it only seems right and natural that a metal band from the 80s would want to cut their teeth on Paul McCartney‘s rambunctious interpretation of the fall of the Roman Empire.

Except, I think The Crue was more interested in the sordid history associated with the song…you know, the Tate-LaBianca murders and Charles Manson‘s vision of an apocalyptic race war.

I can’t believe I ever liked The Crue‘s version of this song…I’m sure I was just as enamored of Helter Skelter‘s pop culture importance as those boys, but dear Christ, the only thing getting murdered here is this fucking song.

Wow…that sucks…seriously.

You know, some songs really shouldn’t be covered…unless you’re Japanese.

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