Rocktober! Day31



Here it is! The final day of Rocktober! Boy, what a long strange month this turned out to be!

You know, Rocktober wasn’t a total failure…I realize that now. I’ve been particularly hard on myself the past 31 days…worrying that no one was enjoying all the (mostly) hard work I was putting into my month long horror/metal celebration.

But that wasn’t the case at all.

My good friend Bwana, was always a strong supporter of Rocktober and he totally brought us Donny Most‘s most horrific character since Ralph Malph…the totally awesome, MOLOCH on Day 3..

The lovely and talented, Becca, over at No Smoking In The Skull Cave gave Rocktober, not one, but two separate shout-outs this month! If you haven’t checked out her awesome blog, do yourself a favor and peep it post haste! Just click the banner!

My favorite Auntie and Unkle even threw a parade in honor of Rocktober over at Kindertrauma…(well, that’s not totally true…there is a parade, but it’s the 1st Annual Kindertrauma Halloween Parade and has nothing to do with Rocktober…heh.) Thanks, boys! You’re the bestest!

Oh, I can’t forget The Wife! She stood by her man during the soaring highs and soul crushing lows of Rocktober…and even though I couldn’t find a way to work in Mike Schank for her, she definitely helped my Rocktober dreams come true with her suggestions, comments, and understanding.

I also gotta’ give a special thanks to my good buddy and inspirational coach, Steve. (Steve has no links…he is a private man…and a genius…seriously…he’s super smart.) Thanks, Steve, you’re always good for a swift kick in the pants area to get me back on track! You’re wicked awesome. Say hello to your family for me.

Alright! Let’s do this! It’s Halloween and that means it’s the 31st day of Rocktober!!!!

Today….One Man…Three bands…all metal…all horror…

Glenn Anzalone!


That’s DANZIG, you chuckleheads!

First there was the horror punk of The Misfits!

Then there was the death rock of Samhain!

And finally, the dark metal-blues hybrid of Danzig!

Happy Halloween, fellow fiends! Thanks for sticking out Rocktober with me….now go eat some candy and watch a scary movie or two.

7 Responses to “Rocktober! Day31”

  1. bwanavoodoo Says:

    well, you did about 30 more updates than Final Girl. Which day was Iron Maiden? Glanzig bumped into my kneecap at a Fangoria Convention in the 80’s.

  2. Soylent Steve Says:

    This was a noble task C. and I gotta say I enjoyed every post my sweet painted angel.

    Wicked smaht indeed.

  3. mrcanacorn Says:

    No Maiden, Bwana…or Kreator, Gwar, Exodus, The Great Kat…shit, maybe I can do Rockvember after all?!

    Thanks, Steve-o! Now pass me anotha beah and lets get pissed!

  4. atticus Says:

    Rocktober was cool! Sorry I would’ve posted some comments but I hardly ever do that. I think your quitting smoking is making you cranky?

    Good post. Can’t say I was surprised by the last day’s subject but that’s a good thing.

  5. aunt john Says:

    Speaking for myself, I L-O-V-E-D every last dirty, sweaty second of Rocktober! But then again, I am a dirty, sweaty bitch.

    Excellent work, Mr. C. … Happy Halloween to you and the Mrs., and thanks for kicking off our parade in style.

    Rocktober style, that is.

  6. Becca Says:

    Awww thanks for the cool link and kind words! Rocktober was a ball and I always look forward to reading your blog!

    Happy Halloween!

  7. Pomeroy! Says:

    Aw, fuck!

    I have been on WordPress hiatus… and NOW I realize that you did a Rocktober?

    Well, I guess I’ll have to wait until ’09.

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