Need More Me?

You may have noticed a serious lack of content going on at Awesomeness these past few days…

There’s all sorts of big, big changes going down at Casa Canacorn and school is keeping me away from the internet (well, that’s not totally true) and my usual blogging.

Never fear, dear readers! Just hop on over to my other blog for endless minutes of entertainment and a snapshot into my mind’s eye:

Push It!

Push It!

How cool is that pic anyway? Becca, over at No Smoking In The Skull Cave whipped it up!

Thanks, sister! You are seriously awesome…and I should know!

So, waste some time over at The Bride…there’s all sort of goodies waiting for ya’!

Superhero Porn!

Fluffy Bunnies!


And all sorts of Other Stuff!

But remember, it’s NSFW! So be careful when clicking on those links!

2 Responses to “Need More Me?”

  1. Becca Says:

    So glad you dug the picture link I put up! Really enjoy reading your blogs! And anybody whose cool enough to find and post Munsters Porn pictures is all right with me!

  2. Becca Says:

    Oh by the way you’ve been tagged 🙂

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