Benihana Mama

99.44 % Pure

99.44 % Pure

Holee fuck! I didn’t even know this existed…it’s a disco song by the beautiful and talented Marilyn Chambers!

I found this clip over at a new to me blog, The Funhouse! Check ’em out…if you’re a 70s baby like myself, there’s tons of cool stuff to help you get through your boring day!

Anyway, back to Ms. Chambers and her disco single….that’s right, porn and disco!

Two great tastes that go great together! Anyone who visits Awesomeness on a semi regular basis knows this Canacorn is 1) a fan of the adult movie industry and 2) kind of gay…so what a perfect combination for lil’ ol’ me!

Marilyn has such a special place in my heart…know why? Well, here’s another Canacorn fun fact for y’all: Behind The Green Door was the very first porn film I ever saw! Cool, right? You know, I’ve always been a film aficionado and a fan of Art…even at a young age. Thanks, Mitchell Brothers, for making me into the man I am today!

I’m so sophisticated, I can barely stand myself!

Alright, enough jibba jabba, let’s get it on!

Now that was a great way to start my day.

4 Responses to “Benihana Mama”

  1. Soylent Steve Says:

    “Miss Chambers…..Lady……”

  2. Christopher Says:

    I was the chap who put the video together. Thank you for making me realise I have a fetish for disco porn lol. It was a ‘pleasure’
    As for Marilyn, she wasn’t getting the attention that she deserved over there on YouTube, Andrea True was stealing the disco lights.
    Thanks for posting it here mrcanacorn. And the kind comments.

  3. mrcanacorn Says:

    Great job on a great song, Christopher! What red blooded male doesn’t have a fetish for disco porn?!

    And get this…I know “More, More, More” but I never knew who sang it! You’ve just turned me on to Andrea True’s music as well!

    I am in your debt…thanks!

  4. Christopher Says:

    mrcanacorn, you mention in your biog that you work at an independent record store, was just wondering if that was Waterloo Records over there in Austin? We planned to stay two days and ended up staying two weeks midway through a road trip with two other Brits. Great town.
    If your interested mate, I suggest getting a hold of this Andrea True CD
    The vinyl, in good condition is quite rare, but I see you are a man of finer tastes lol.

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