Fetish Fridays! You Bet It’s NSFW

pictureasp Wow, Friday sure snuck up on me this week!

Before we make with today’s fetish I have something to share with y’all. I’m a smoker.

I know, I know, it’s really bad for me and just about the worse thing ever in the history of no good, horrible, very bad things. Before you go badgering me with all sorts of statistics and disgusting pics of smoker’s lungs, just hear this:

I am quitting.

It’s not easy, but I’m working on it.

Now, even though I super-duper love smoking, I’ve never been into the whole smoking fetish thing…but you know how people are…and you know how people are on the internet. You see, for every person that thinks smoking is a gross and dirty habit, there’s another that sees smoking as a hot and naughty turn-on.

The internet told me that, a woman with a cigarette in her mouth may suggest that she wants a cock in her mouth.

The internet told me that, a woman with a cigarette in her mouth may suggest that she wants a cock in her mouth.

While doing my “research” on today’s fetish I learned that there’s a shit-ton of websites devoted to clothed, half naked, and/or full on naked women huffing and puffing on cigarettes, cigars, and even sexy pipes!

Hell, even the trannies are getting in on the hot, smoky action…God, the internet is so full of trannies these days…anyway…

It seems that the admirers of these smokin’ babes tend to be heterosexual males (what else is new), but I have it on good authority that even women and the gays can be turned on by smokers.

One of the most popular themes out there seems to be the smoking blow job! There’s a million clips out there…just click the pretty pinks words and watch one for yourself. If it doesn’t get you all hot in the pants area, just Google that shit yourself, I’m sure you’ll find what you need…but know this, the girl in my clip is wearing a beret!

If it was good enough for James Dean...

If it was good enough for James Dean...

Another common theme with smoking fetishists is the whole D/s thing. If it’s your dream to be a human ashtray then there’s a Mistress for you out there on the internet!

Boy, I bet if you already thought smoking was totally gnar gnars, you really must be thinking this whole thing is grody to the max by now.

Well, it can be I guess…but hey, we’re not here to judge on Fridays, right?


So, as per usual, one last image to burn this particular fetish into your brain:

Umm, you're doing it wrong.

Umm, you're doing it wrong.

Yikes! Where in the Hell is my Nicorette gum?!