brokeNCYDE…Good For The Kids?

HMMMMMM…uh, where to start today? Okay…um, I guess if you don’t know what a brokeNCYDE is (which I didn’t either until a half hour ago) you should start with a video.

2rwn5mgWow, huh? My friend Joe scribbled some nonsense on a post-it note at work yesterday and predicted that brokeNCYDE would be the topic of my next blog….boy was he right! How could I stay away from something everyone in the fucking world knows about except me?!

Even Warren Fucking Ellis blogged about these jokers back in November!

While Warren refers to this band’s video for Freaxxx as a “fall of Western culture moment” and a “near-perfect snapshot of everything that’s shit about this point in the culture,” I’d have to kind of respectfully disagree…sort of

Obviously, brokeNCYDE is for the kids. You know, what we were before we grew up and started hating everything we didn’t “get.” Remember when we wanted to jump off a bridge because everyone else was doing it? Remember how cool you felt when your parents and teachers just didn’t understand what you and your elite group of friends were about? That’s what’s happening here…except we’re on the other side now. I may be more concerned with my mortgage and health insurance these days, but I still enjoy some dumb music every once in a while to help ease the pain of being a responsible adult….but kids can just enjoy dumb music ’cause, well, they’re kids.

Sure, the song is crap (but kinda’ catchy) and the dudes in the band look just a little too old to be Scene Kids (seriously, click on that link), and I think they all look like a gaggle of assholes, but this wasn’t made for me. It was made for the “Crunk Kids” of the world….heh, Crunk Kids….groan.

It’s not the worst thing in the world…or maybe it is an amalgamation of all the worst things in the world as Mr. Ellis suggests?

Whatever. Basically, I think brokeNCYDE is harmless, stupid fun for the kids of today and no different than when I was into this group in 1984…but hey, those assholes grew up and got all buddy buddy with the Dalai Lama, nominated for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and won a Grammy for “Best Pop Instrumental Album” in 2008…so who knows what the future holds for the members of brokeNCYDE and their 151458 MySpace friends?

I’ll let the kids have brokeNCYDE and Freaxxx and I’ll stick with with what I know…

12 Responses to “brokeNCYDE…Good For The Kids?”

  1. art_thief Says:

    Stop listening to Joe. it’s bad for you.

  2. Tenebrous Kate Says:

    Don’t feel too bad–I just found out about them last week via a link from a friend positing that it’s either the best or the worst thing in the world. I thought it was a gag at first, something designed by people in their early thirties to cleverly satirize the Scene scene. I mean, the combination of *so much stuff* I don’t understand (crunk, emo, mascot outfits) into such an extremely tidy package is pretty impressive and I kinda have to doff my cap to these gents.

  3. mrcanacorn Says:

    @ Bob- I know…I wasn’t really listening to him…but you know how it is at The Loo.

    @ TK- You’re right…if it isn’t a joke, The Wife and I pictured a bunch of suits sitting around with a checklist of “What’s Hot Right Now”…and by right now, we mean over 5 years ago. “Vocoder-check! Saying Crunk-check! Emo hair-check! One guy singing and one guy screaming-check! Going to the club-check! Hot Topic fashion-check! This will so be a hit with the kids!”

    I get it, but it does make me feel old…in a good way.

  4. Myrtle Says:

    I didn’t know about these assholes until your blog. You ruined my day, Corn!

  5. mrcanacorn Says:

    Hooray! Score one for the youth of America! Down with old people! In your face, Old Myrtle!

  6. Myrtle Says:

    Did anyone notice that the screamy guy looks like Cory Feldman, if Corey Haim gave him a gift card to Hot Topic for Christmas?

  7. wahid Says:

    i actually got a chance to meet these guys when i was just walkin around one day. i had never heard of them at that point and i ended up hangin out with them. these guys are for real and actually really cool guys. i could see them getting very popular

  8. sydney :) Says:

    I’m a KID. and Brokencyde is not dumb music.. for “dumb” kids. your just too old to be listening to it.. so just get over yourself. Second they do NOT look like assholes. I met them last week with my MOM. They are some of the sweetest guys I have ever met in my life. They alll bangin. Your obviously too old to know whats going on in the world anymore =)

  9. mrcanacorn Says:

    @Sydney: First off, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

    I sure hope you didn’t go poking around too much here at Awesomeness…things can get a little on the adult side in these parts. But seeing that you’re not a “dumb” kid, I bet you were smart enough not to get caught looking at pornography by your mom.

    You know, I can agree with some of what you’re saying…I AM too old to be listening to Brokencyde and I really should get over myself….you’re not the first person to tell me that.

    I’m afraid I do have to disagree with you on a couple of points. One, Brokencyde’s music is dumb. you listed to Freaxxx, right? What’s intelligent about “getting freaky now”?

    Oh, and I never once accused young people of being dumb. But kids are just like older people…some are very intelligent and others are about as dumb as a box full of rocks.

    And speaking of dumb…I love dumb music and dumb movies…I like to relax my brain sometimes and not have to think so hard when being entertained. It’s okay that Brokencyde makes “dumb” music….So suck it up and admit that Freaxxx is no Beethoven’s 9th Symphony.

    I hate to tell you, but these dudes do LOOK LIKE assholes…seriously, did you actually look at them when you met them? I could be wrong, but I bet your mom thought they looked a little silly. I’m not saying that they are assholes and I’m happy to hear that they turned out to be cool guys. It’s always nice when you meet famous people and they turn out to be cool.

    Anyway, thanks again for sharing…come back any time! 🙂

  10. marcus Says:

    im probably not gettin back on this site but if u wanna reply to what im going to say get at my myspace cause id like to see the feedbacks,

    So so so. im 15.
    Brokencyde is just music for us to party to and get crunk to ya no? im not SCENE, not fully, so i mean its for anyone who likes to party, i also love techno, and adults wouldnt beleive i listen to yalls music to… reo speedwagon,mettalica,iron maiden,winger, yes i no it all. im in to every type of music, brokencyde is harmless thier just kids tryin to make thier way in like even tho thier like 26 and plus ya no? but im in a band and i scream just like they do in my band, i mean if u look at it yalls stuff is comin back, bright colored shirts,yall had parachute pants we have skinny jeans, even tho im a powerlifter id never wear those lol, its just a new generation ya no?

    well this is my first time actually posting on one of these, i was tryin to find a brokencyde picture to put on my myspace and it took me here, & im listening to them now lol, well like i said, probably wont get back on here, but id rly like to see what anyone has to say to this so get on my myspace or my e-mail is

    thanx guys!!

  11. brokencyde fan Says:

    you guys are to old to get into the new music i bet most of you guys are like 40-50 years old and this guys are not assholes they are actually pretty nice you guys are the assholes for hating on them if you dont like em dont listen to them assholes BROKENCYDE WILL NEVER DIE

  12. brokencyde_will_nvr_die Says:

    Wow u guys need to grow up and stop hating on scenes you guys say “scenes aren’t orignal”prep and goths are just the same all labels listein to there own music and have there style,preps wear all branded clothes and goths wear all black so stfu and stop talking shit bout scenes and grow the fuk up!!!!!!!get a fuking life!!!!!!!!!

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