b4-4…Bad For The Kids!

HMMMMMM…uh, where to start today? Okay…um, I guess if you don’t know what a b4-4 is (which I didn’t either until a half hour ago) you should start with a video.

im_story1Wow, huh? I found that video this morning and just figured, how could I stay away from something everyone in the fucking world knows about except me?!

Even Rob Fucking Huebel blogged about these jokers back in November!

While Rob is “pretty sure these guys have all drunk poison by now,” I’m NOT so sure.

You see, these steroid fueled, Canadian, Oompa Loompas may have broken up, but they haven’t stopped making The Jams! Oh no! We don’t get off that easy!

The twins of b4-4, Ryan and Dan, started another band called RyanDan! It seems they’ve ditched the hair gel and kiddie tunes for tailored suits and lyrics that could wet the cheeks (and panties) of women over 40 everywhere (if your idea of everywhere is Canada and England). Gag.

But hey, whatever happened to the third member of b4-4?! Oh…um, about him. Well, times have been a bit rough for Ohad Einbinder. His modeling career stalled out after some unfortunate hair loss and a little weight gain, and it turns out the twins were the real musical geniuses in the group, soooo, so much for the music gig …

But hey, don’t feel bad for him! According to his YouTube page, he’s remained “super positive” and “really just enjoys making funny videos for all his fans in Canada, France, and all over the whole darn globe!”

Wanna’ see one? Ok!

Shake it don’t break it, Ohad! Work it, Tranny! You’re super-fierce!