Fetish Fridays! Mostly SFW

The nose knows...

The nose knows...

Hey kids! We’re back after our week of mourning the loss of pin-up queen, Bettie Page.

Today we’ll explore the weird and wonderful world of the nose fetish!

Like all the other fetishes featured on Fridays here at Awesomeness, this one has quite a few different takes on the subject…and like most of the fetishes featured, this one spirals down into the dark dungeon of submission and humiliation pretty quick like.

But let’s start with the lighter side of nose fetishism…Even though I wasn’t turned on, I was amused while poking around The Big Nose Appreciation Page! This site goes out of it’s way to make sure everyone is treated with respect and the forums are all about enjoying big beautiful noses on lovely ladies…real and computer generated. There is no making fun of people with big noses and certainly NO nose torture allowed (don’t worry, we’ll be getting to that soon enough).

Seriously, it was very refreshing to visit a fetish site that wasn’t demeaning towards women (I said, “don’t worry,” we’re getting to it)…and they have some awesome “morphs” like this one:



Then there’s the truly bizarre (to me) morphs of Pinocchio Girls…or Pinocchias, if you will…

Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies...

Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies...

While the above stuff is not really my bag, this whole nose torture fetish is not in the least bit appealing to me…but in the interest of Science and my responsibility as your Friday Fetish Blogger, I feel obliged to share.

I’d like to introduce you to the Bondage Hook…while it can be used on the mouth, butt, or vagina…we’ll be focusing on the nose today.

Nose hook, big in Japan...go figure.

Nose hook, big in Japan...go figure.

“Kinky-O! Japanese Style BDSM Nose Hooks – Asian Facial Bondage Fetish for Humiliation & Degradation”

“This unique item features a high quality metal hook insert for each nostril attached to a black head strap. Often used in Japanese facial bondage play, the purpose of the nose hook was traditionally to humiliate the slave by pointing the nose upwards, making them look more like a pig. Further, the nose hooks could be used to inflict pain or punishment on a disobedient slave. These nose hooks not only serve to humiliate your slaves, but can be clicked to cruelly force the head back, resulting in very high quality animations as the slave’s mouth is thrown open in painful surprise!” –Xstreet SL Marketplace (Also available: The “Kidnapped! Chloroform Gag”…seriously.)

Hey, wait a minute…These products are for Second Life! What the fuck? Well, you get the gist of it…it’s the same in the real world…humiliation, pain, blah, blah, blah.

I don’t know about you, but I’m kinda’ bummed just thinking about people having to get their Humiliation Play on in Second Life instead of in the real world.

Seriously, that’s depressing…I know what will cheer me up!

One last image related to today’s fetish…this is where things will get NSFW:

I'm surprised I didn't find more of this...

I'm surprised I didn't find more of this...

That’s better.

One Response to “Fetish Fridays! Mostly SFW”

  1. Myrtle Says:

    That guys dick looks weird, like the head was an afterthought….

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