Let Me Ask You This…

Would you like to see some more?


Joy Holiday...Must Love Cats

Joy Holiday...Must Love Cats

Ron Holiday...Lookin' Good.

Ron Holiday...Lookin' Good.

Ron Holiday...Still Lookin' Good.

Ron Holiday...Still Lookin' Good.


Seriously, find a way to watch this…

5 Responses to “Let Me Ask You This…”

  1. auntjohn Says:

    I sat down and watched it last night, and my heart really goes out to Ron. You would think they would have gotten rid of that white tiger when it shredded their boy toy. Though Joy did have that death wish, maybe she knew she was meant for the same fate. Regardless, great hair and unitards… despite the sad ending.

  2. yaz Says:

    I watched it on Monday, so sad. I do love Ron’s wigs; I’m thinking about getting Chris a few.

  3. Linda Says:

    I thought the whole story was suspicious. Why would Ron need Chuck to move that cat? Then so soon afterwards bring the same cat to Joy? I think the coincidence of the situation very suspicious. Joy lost her will to live after Chuck died. I wonder if this aspect was ever investigated.

  4. mrcanacorn Says:

    @ Auntie: How much would you pay to be in one of Ron’s classes? Or to get the original book of Cat Dancers? I’m not sure how much his class runs, but the book is on Amazon for $69.48 up to $116.52! My heart goes out to Ron as well….but I think he planned the whole thing like some sort of sleazy, 70s made for tee-vee movie.

    @ Yaz: Now you’re talking! I hope you go with a sweet perm…Chris will look so authoritative, yet fun loving, with a head of tight curls.

    @ Linda: I hear you sister, Ron seems just a little more than suspect in this whole affair…I feel bad for Jupiter…he ain’t nothin’ but a patsy.

  5. Kat Says:

    Interesting story… sad ending though.. .they really should have gotten rid of the tiger after the first incident. (even though I don’t think he meant it… wild animal = wild animal)
    I think it is ODD that Ron had no idea Joy was drinking. Her Blood alcohol level was two times the legal limit at death.
    Sad Sad, poor Joy!
    Hope Ron can live on happily! How tragic!

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