Submissions Wanted

max Check it…The Wife and I have found out we’re having a boy!

I know, I know, pretty cool…but get this: We have successfully agreed on a first name for our little monster and he obviously already has a last name, but we’re stumped on a middle name at the moment.

We are working on a short list though. So far we have a few:


A decent showing…but I figured I’d turn to my internet friends and ask for some suggestions to help us out. Y’all are all so creative and awesome, I just bet at least one of you has a good one!

Okay, ready? Put on your thinking caps and fill in the blank:

Quinn ______ Canacorn

I’ll have you know, The Wife has shot down the following:

“Kurt Russell” (in quotes of course)

Christ, the list goes on for days, but you get the idea….The worst part about all this middle name rigmarole was when she came up with one that I liked even more than Plissken, and then took it back! She said she was only joking….wanna’ hear it?

Quinn Tuscadero Canacorn

Now how bad ass is that? Pretty bad ass…but what do I know?

15 Responses to “Submissions Wanted”

  1. bwanavoodoo Says:

    I’d go with “Octagon” unless he’s turns out to be half black for some reason, then Diamondnelius. I like “Zardoz McGregor” for some reason. But seriously, wait till they come by and want the birth certificate info, the wife may be feeling drugged from the epidural and you can sneak something in, like “Petrox Explorer”.

  2. Myrtle Says:

    Duh, pick “Morrissey”. Then you can call him “Quinn-Mo” for short 🙂

  3. bwanavoodoo Says:

    I apologize. You probably wanted serious suggestions. You like the “Battlestar Galatica” right? How about “Twiki”? Or alienate your liberal friends with “Heston”. Maybe “Faraday”.

  4. mrcanacorn Says:

    Now you’re cookin’ with gas, Bwana! Heston…nice…The name Taylor on our short list is in honor of that magnificent son of a bitch.

    Maybe Nostromo or Maximilian, or how about “The Merciless” or Danger? Hmmmmm….

    @ Myrt: Get serious already. I don’t want some silly sounding name…jeeze.

  5. aunt john Says:

    I would go with a V name just so you can monogram all of his stuff Q.V.C.:


    Though the name Quinn Cummings Canacorn also has a nice ring to it.

  6. Myrtle Says:

    How about Mercury? That might jinx him with shitty teeth though….

  7. Pomeroy! Says:

    Congrats to you & the wife Mr C!

    I know you came up with Kirby… and I know why.

    That’s my favorite of the 4 you have on tap, actually.

    Vincent sounds too much like Quinn to me. The other two ain’t bad, but I like Kirby.

    Meanwhile, what’s wrong with “Franco” or “Nero”?


  8. mrcanacorn Says:

    @ Myrt: I dig Mercury…shitty teeth be damned…he’d have a killer mustache!

    @ Pom: Thanks! You are correct in your assumption about Kirby…he was The King.

    The Wife and I actually like Franco…seriously….decisions, decisions…

  9. mrcanacorn Says:

    @ Auntie: You and The Wife are freakishly similar in your thought patterns….She has also mentioned the high-larity of a QVC initialed kiddo!

    Oh, Quinn Cummings…sounds kind of porn-ish…

  10. mrcanacorn Says:

    @ Auntie: You and The Wife are freakishly similar in your thought patterns….She has also mentioned the high-larity of a QVC initialed kiddo!

    Oh, Quinn Cummings…sounds kind of porn-ish…in a “fisty bottom” kind of way. 😉

  11. Soylent Steve Says:

    Quinn Cummings is AWESOME!

    More AWESOME would be Quinn Martin.

    …or Quinn, Quin.

    That way you could whistle and say, Quinn, Quin as you hand him table scraps. Babies love table scraps.

  12. mrcanacorn Says:

    Look boys, Quinn Cummings is way gay porno…I should just name my child Quinn Fisty Bottoms Canacorn.

    Quinn Martin has come up two different times now…

    And Steve, I can’t wait to feed my boy some scraps! That’s how his old man rolled back in the 70s!

  13. art thief Says:

    Quinn Cornelius Canacorn
    Quinn McGowan Canacorn
    Quinn Cave Canacorn
    Quinn Deskimo Canacorn
    Quinn Gordon Lewis Canacorn
    Quinn Craven Canacorn
    A got about a dozen more…

  14. mrcanacorn Says:

    Keep ’em coming…Deskimo is clever but not as clever as D’eskimo. Imagine if my boy looked like THIS when he grew up. I guess The Wife would have some splainin to do…but he’d be a fine looking son.

  15. aunt john Says:

    I was watching MAMA’S FAMILY (that Vicki Lawrence is a god-damn comic genius!) the other night, and was reminded of one the best V names … Vinton.

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