C-C-Come On Everybody

Jive Bunny 08

Jive Bunny 08

Let me get this straight…Girl Talk is getting his dick sucked by everyone in 2008 because of his hipster Jive Bunny routine?

You’ve got to be kidding me…

Look, I’m all about nostalgia and that whole, “Hey, I totally recognize that song the Dj is mashing up with that other song I totally know,” but Girl Talk is the Judson Laipply of music.

Sorry kid, but Matt Dike and The Dust Brothers did it way better in 1989.

9 Responses to “C-C-Come On Everybody”

  1. Tenebrous Kate Says:

    It seems to be a TRUE FACT that the capacity to hold Old Information only goes back eight years in the average human. This explains why tie-dye clothing and metallic leggings are coming into style AGAIN.

    I’ll be in my bunker, waiting this one out. You know, until something new-old-and-awful hits the hip conciousness 😛

  2. Yaz Says:

    Poop on Girl Talk, I hate it!

  3. bwanavoodoo Says:

    You’re turning the corner to old guy bitterness. Like me when I make fun of the “kids” with tattoos and Led Zeppelin t-shirts and the Jon Stewart.

  4. mrcanacorn Says:

    @ Bwana: Man, Buck was so cool…and you’re right, the closer I get to 40 the more bitter I seem to get…even with all my tattoos and my liking of The Jon Stewart. At least I don’t have any Zep t-shirts…or records for that matter. Growing up in San Antonio pretty much helped me “Get The Led Out” early in my life.

    @ TK: Wow, a TRUE FACT…I did not know that, but I’ll take your word for it. I have a violent dislike for Tie-Dyed clothing, but I do admire a nice pair of metallic leggings…daddy loves women in disco pants. I really don’t hate GT’s music (I really don’t like it either), I just don’t get why it’s so “now” and “groundbreaking”…and he kind of looks like a douche bag. If someone’s going to command The Kid’s attention, I’d like him to have more flair. Just sayin’…

    @ Yaz: That a girl! I can always count on you for some serious hot poop action!

  5. Soylent Steve Says:

    I for one am not afraid to call you out on the chicanery that you have posted here “Mr.” Canacorn.

    I like mid period Rolling Stones…Gimme some Steel Wheels!

    And what’s with putting a small letter i in front of everything to make it look all hip and cutting edge?

    iPod, iTunes, iDrive….ihate it!

    And I wish those darned kids at the mall would buy the right size baseball caps!

    I hated that George Michael stole the Miami Vice stubble look.

    I don’t like dance music. It’s a disco rip off.

    Why do all the designer labels have to be so large?

    I liked bling when it was flash.

    I liked swag when it was goodies.

    I won’t sleep until Jennifer Anniston finds love.

    Whats with roller blades? Blades?! They should be called inline skates period,

    9021-Blasphemy! Bring back Dylan McKay and Brenda or lose the whole f’n thing.

    And where is James Eckhouse?

    90210 indeed! Pffft!

    Nav systems in cars?

    I liked it better when it was simply a bitch with a map riding shotgun that you paid no attention to.

    Nav systems!

    Lindsay Lohan is just a rehash of Jodie Foster with a bigger rack and play lesbian tendencies.

    And what about Friday Foster?!

    Thats right….Friday Foster! PAM GRIER!

    Not a mention of the lovely Ms. Grier on this “blog.”


    BlaxploiTuesdays at Awesomeness?

    YA! ……..I’d be the first in line.

    How about racist Wednesdays? You’re practically doing it already. It’d be a smooth transition.

    I like my racism old school…..honest fear and ignorance as opposed to the bullshit that Fox News and Sean Hannity try and pass off as racial tolerance.

    Honestly Corn, you totally missed the point.

    You’re consistant. I’ll give you that.


  6. Myrtle Says:

    To make up for Steve’s foolishness (remember, he does suffer from the “alzimers”), here’s a rad Tim Curry clip –

  7. art thief Says:

    Dont forget Stars on 45

  8. art thief Says:

    damn hyperlinks

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