High Fivin’ With Ryan!

Okay, so American Idol is a really big deal at Casa Canacorn…and tonight was a great first episode…thanks to the last 5 minutes.

In case you missed it, I snapped a couple of photos off the tee-vee.

The set up:

The contestant’s name is Scott. He is blind. He got his Golden Ticket to Hollywood.

Ryan thought it would be a good time to celebrate Scott’s victory:

Put it up there!

Put it up there!

Here’s what’s happening in my living room:

The Dr. is NOT amused.

The Dr. is NOT amused.

Ryan will not give up:

Yeah!  That's it!  Down low!

Yeah! That's it! Down low!

But wait! Not all is lost! Scott truly is an inspiration:

Indomitable Spirit!

Indomitable Spirit!

Um, hey, Ryan…He’s blind…NOT retarded.

Who You Gonna’ Call?

Ok, I’ve heard of demonic possession and I’ve heard of haunted homes, cars, trails, graveyards…Hell, I’m even familiar with haunted asses (NSFW)…but a haunted vagina?

You’ve got to be kidding me…


No joke.

There’s totally a haunted vagina out there and I had no idea!

Jim was never breast fed as a baby

Jim was never breast fed as a baby

Well, until I read about it at The ISB yesterday. This haunted vagina is the brainchild of comic creator and (I can only assume) chronic masturbator, Jim Balent! Who is this Jim? What is he about? I must know more about the man who set the world on fire with his haunted vagina…


Balent usually draws women with extremely large breasts. Increasingly, he has drawn the majority of his women completely naked.” –Wikipedia

…I was really into Frank Miller’s run on Daredevil, and I just ate up all the ninja stories. I even did research. It even sort of threw me into the martial arts world where I became a 2nd degree brown belt in karate.” -Jim in a 2002 interview with The Trades

He had a “secret Wiccan Star Wars wedding” at the Hard Rock Hotel in Orlando. His wife wore a metal bikini and he dressed up as Darth Vader…check out the wedding photos!

Okay, I think I’ve heard enough.

Let’s see…

Loves to draw big tits.

Actually did “research” on Ninjas and made it all the way to a brown belt in karate.

Is into Wicca (just to get laid, I’m sure…only chicks dig Wicca).

Dressed up as Darth Vader on his wedding day.

Oh, he’s a 15 year old nerd trapped in a grown man’s body.

‘Cause only a 15 year old nerd could have come up with this:

Image courtesy of www.the-isb.com

Image courtesy of http://www.the-isb.com