Oh My Genitals!

I am a nerd

I am a nerd

What’s this? Why it’s a Watchmen picture disc.

Yeah, I bought it…even though it cost $11.99…

…and only has 2 songs…

…one being My Chemical Romance‘s version of “Desolation Row.”

Let me say this, I’m lukewarm at best when it comes to Bob Dylan…and I could give a care about My Chemical Romance…but I just couldn’t resist the pretty pretty picture disc.

So sue me.

And speaking of Su…ever heard of Su Tissue?

What do you do for a living?

What do you do for a living?

She’s super dreamy…kind of a delicious blend of Sarah Hagan and Jennifer Connelly…and she makes music that speaks to me more than Bob and My Chemical Romance combined. Check it:

My thanks to Yum-Yum for turning me on to Su and the Suburban Lawns.

You know, I’m starting to wonder who this Yum-Yum really is and how she got into my brain?

7 Responses to “Oh My Genitals!”

  1. bwanavoodoo Says:

    surely My Chemical Romance aren’t on the soundtrack. I saw them on SNL I think. Really bad. Like a less masculine Queensryche, if that’s even possible.

  2. Myrtle Says:

    If you like Su Tissue, you need to get a DVD copy of “New Wave Theater”. Trust me!

  3. mrcanacorn Says:

    Found a seller on iOffer that has a 7 disc set of NWT for $21.99…just put an offer on it!

  4. Myrtle Says:

    That’s a good deal – my friend sells boots of the 2 disc set for more than that 🙂

  5. art_thief Says:

    Hate to be that guy annoyingly tries to foist Dylan on you, so I won’t. BUT…knowing you, I wonder if you might not like “Blood On The Tracks”. It’s the original bitter divorce album that “Sea Changes” always aspired to be. Then again, I know that most records of that type are really best appreciated in the middle of an actual breakup, so in the interest of assuring that little Quinn D’Eskimo grows up in a house united, I’ll just say that I hope you never come to appreciate it…it’s good, though.

  6. art_thief Says:

    BTW, anyone who doesn’t think that the Watchmen won’t have a terrible emo/modern rock laden soundtrack is kidding themselves. In spite of the source material (brilliant) it’s in the best interest of the studio to push the lowest common denominator to get asses in the seats, and that includes the shitty soundtrack. I can’t think of a single “superhero” movie that had a non-score soundtrack, that wasn’t terrible. Well, maybe The Crow, but it was 1994, and thinking about it, that was the one that set the standard for all the superhero soundtracks that followed.

  7. mrcanacorn Says:

    I never liked Sea Changes…I was all over Mutations when I was splitting with my first wife though. I don’t hate Bob…he’s got some choice cuts…Hell, he’s head and shoulders above The Boss. I seriously don’t get people under the age of 40 that love Bruce. I get the love for Clarence and Silvio…shit even for Max…but Bruce? SNORE.

    As for The Watchmen soundtrack, it will suck…but what I’ve heard of the composed stuff I’ve dug….kind of Dust Brothers Fight Club sounding.

    Oh, fuck The Crow.

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