Hey, Hippocrates!

The Father Of Medicine, Y'all

The Father Of Medicine, Y'all

What do you know about dental hygiene?

“When a woman’s mouth smells and her gums are black and unhealthy; one burns, separately, the head of a hare, and three mice, after having taken out the intestines of two of them (not however the liver or kidneys): one pounds in a stone mortar some marble and whitstone, and passes it through a sieve; one then mixes equal parts of these ingredients and with this mixture one rubs the teeth and the interior of the mouth; afterward one rubs them again with greasy wool and one washes the mouth with water. One soaks the dirty wool in honey and with it rubs the gums inside and outside. One pounds dill and anise seeds, 2 aboles of myrrh: one immerses these substances in half a cotyle of pure white wine; one then rinses the mouth with it, holding it in the mouth for some time; this is to be done frequently and the mouth to be rinsed with said preparation fasting and after each meal. The medicament described above cleans the teeth and gives them a sweet smell.”Hippocrates

Thanks, bro!

One Response to “Hey, Hippocrates!”

  1. Myrtle Says:

    I used to work at 1-800-Dentist – I’ve heard it all and then some 🙂

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