Fetish Fridays! Now With Music And Still NSFW

Good morning, everyone. Before we get started with today’s post, I thought I’d share a little music video that served as this Friday’s inspiration*:

Now, now, don’t get all freaked out…I’m not going all J. G. Ballard on you…if that was the case, I’d slap you with this:



No, I’d rather talk about female ejaculation…you may be more familiar with the layman’s terms of squirting, gushing, or even shejaculation…but we’re going clinical today, kids.

I have no time for simple pornography this FF…not when dealing with such a hot button and controversial issue like Female Squirting Science!

Like most people, I feel overwhelmed by the number of questions I have about FSS, but am too embarrassed to ask my mother about it…so let’s do the smart thing and ask Google Answers’cause I’m pretty sure my mom has no fucking idea what squirting is.

The freshest, most exciting taste in the marketplace

The freshest, most exciting taste in the marketplace

Well, lookee here, someone named wloh-ga has already asked Google…this is great, my work is halfway done!

Let’s see if wloh-ga and I have the same questions?

Subject: Female Squirting science
Category: Science > Biology
Asked by: wloh-ga

“When a woman squirts, where is it coming from and what is it? how to make a female squirt? Is every female capable of squirting? how does a female make herself squirt? How do I know that it is not urine?”

Damn fine questions, if I do say so myself, but if I were wloh-ga, I might request some diagrams and clinical studies, or….

Wait! This just in: Clarification of Question by wloh-ga

“If possible, links to diagrams, case studies and scientific reports and evidence that could potentially be interpreted and made into ‘simple’ language for an average layperson to understand.
thank you kindly!”

Alright! Now we’re getting somewhere! Let’s get to the scientific facts!

Uh, Jesus Christ…I just tried reading this crap…the joker who answered decided to write a fucking novel of boring sentences filled with stupid words like, “hypothesis, percentages, paraurethral, analogous, and prestigious.”

And to make matters worse, he posted links to pictures like this one:

Not sexy or informative

Not sexy or informative

BLAGH! What the fuck, dude?! Has no one taught you how to use the fucking internet? God, that’s so grody….Christ…seriously…

You know what? This FF has totally been ruined. I’m sorry, I just can’t deal with crap like that junking up my computer. What an asshole….

You know, there’s only one thing I can think of that can fix this TOTAL FAIL of a post.

Japan-Squirt Competition: Another game from Japan, the girls got milk filling in there ass and they squirt them out as far as possible.

YES!!! Now that’s what the internet is for!

*A tip of the ol’ hat should go to Yum-Yum‘s amazing taste in music…which can be found in the Schmerzen Hören section of The House Of Self-Indulgence, of course!