Dr. Fünke


5 Responses to “Dr. Fünke”

  1. Darius Whiteplume Says:

    I never get that picture. Is it David Cross?

    • mrcanacorn Says:

      Oh DW, I’m a’guessin’ you haven’t watched ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT then? It is indeed David Cross…and there are a couple of jokes in that one pic…one involving “Never Nudes” and one involving The Blue Man Group.

      If you like “The Funny” I highly recommend ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT!

  2. Soylent Steve Says:

    Can’t wait for the moviefilm!

  3. mrcanacorn Says:

    I hope Zack Snyder directs the Arrested Development movie…that will so totally rule…I can just imagine how smokin’ hot everyone’s abs will be!

  4. aunt john Says:

    I just tried looking for the Never Nude fake site they launched, but can’t find it anywhere. Anyhows, awesome picture.

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