Pam Grier In Strip Search


strip Hey there fellow Pam Grier lovers! Today is day one in our week long Pam Grier extravaganza here at Awesomeness!

But I’m not the only blogger in these series of tubes we call The Internet celebrating all things Pam this week!

Oh no, my friends, check out what Darius Whiteplume over at DIRTY & NERDY is doing and see who else is playing along.

And guess what? Even YOU can get in on the action! Just click HERE and follow the super simple instructions set up by Darius himself! And don’t worry, you don’t have to post Pam Grier goodness all week long…just post something this week! Easy, breezy, beautiful…just like Pam herself!

Alright, let’s get to today’s review of 1997s STRIP SEARCH!

Okay, I know you’re thinking, “Now wait just a gosh darn minute, Canacorn! Pam Grier is barely even in this movie!

That’s true…but here at Awesomeness, we believe in a little thing called foreplay. I’m not the type of blogger that goes leaping straight for the clitoris of Pam Grier films, you know.

What’s wrong with a kiss, I ask you?

And today’s kiss is brought to you by the writer and director team that gave the world….uh…um…well, not much really other than STRIP SEARCH. Never heard of it? Check out the trailer HERE and then we’ll get to my thoughts on this mess.

Wow. Great trailer, huh? They just gave away every major plot point except for one…luckily, I didn’t watch the trailer before immersing myself into the neo-noir world of STRIP SEARCH so nothing was ruined for me.


I kind of had high hopes for this little film based solely on the no budget, seedy looking opening credits…but those hopes were quickly smashed against the rocks of disappointment about 30 minutes into the actual movie. Which is strange, because we totally got a gun in the mouth execution in the first 10:


Okay, a quick set up: Vice detective Robby Durrell (Michael Paré) is a man of rules. They may be rules that he makes up as he goes along, but they’re his rules nonetheless….and that’s what makes him the best cop on the beat. Along with his lesbian partner, Janette (Pam Grier), he has the thankless job of policing the sleazy underworld of strip joints, sex clubs, and secret sex parties of the wealthy and powerful. Between the pimps, whores, johns and drug dealers you wouldn’t think Robby would have the time to constantly clean up his brother’s messes, but somehow he does…until he meets the icy and manipulative Sela (Caroline Neron).


Sela’s step daughter (or was it her sister?) has run away and more than likely been drawn into the sordid world of drugs and prostitution. Obviously, Sela knows that only Robby has the guts and the contacts to find her missing kin so she hires him to do some off the clock detective work. Why has the 17 year old girl run away? Who or what is she running from? Can Sela be keeping some dangerous secret from Robby behind her sexy heterochromic eyes?


SS hasn’t aged well, what with its late nineties mish mash of John Woo shoot outs, wannabe Lynchian supporting characters, and the not so graceful dialog of Thomas Parkinson. Seriously, the constant mouth diarrhea of platitudes spewed out by our lead characters was a nonstop craptathlon of feculent banality….which really ended up growing on me.


I know I said the movie was a “mess” and a “disappointment” not 5 minutes ago (or longer if you’re one of them slooooow readers), but dammit, this odd ball, late 90s, film noir just sort of wormed its way into my brain and started eating away at it…not unlike the deadly Naegleria fowleri…which causes Primary Amoebic Meningoencephalitis …that’s right, PAM….see how I did that? It’s Pam Grier week and the brain-eating amoeba causes a syndrome that can be abbreviated to spell out….oh, never mind.


Anyway….I’m pretty sure 1 out of 5 of you guys might actually enjoy SS…and it’s on Netflix where viewers are raving that, “It is among the worst that I have rented,” and, “…just plain stupid don’t waste your time on it…“…so don’t just take my word for it!

See you tomorrow, Canacorn………out!

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