There’s A Poem About Pam Grier?


Poetry? On Awesomeness?

Sure…I mean, why not? Just because it’s Pam Grier Week, doesn’t mean it’s all movie reviews all the time. So pay attention, boners, today I’m bringing you some culture!

Sometimes an empowering poem about a tough, Black woman written by a gay, White man is just what we all need on a Monday morning.

Why I Want To Be Pam Grier
by Collin Kelley

pamgI want to pull a gun out of my hair
and blow your head off.
I want to wear black leather knee high boots
and plant my ten inch heel up your sorry ass.
I want to flim you and flam you and just say
goddamn you,
while I slit your throat with my knife.
I want to be exploited, overworked
and underpaid, but look damn good doing it,
cause I’m always getting laid.
I want to be an idol, a nobody,
a whatever happened to her,
then put on my Kangol hat, my tight black suit,
look better than I did twenty years ago,
and smoke you one more time good and proper.
I want to cross 110th Street with a bag full of cash,
and one last sweet kiss from the man
who actually gave a damn.
I want to drive away into the morning light,
headed for Spain, hurting like hell,
but with my head up
and the taste of him on my lips.

Okay, okay…go HERE to see Pam’s tits and ass already…sheeshtry to give the kids a little sophistication