“Let Me Put You Out Of My Misery.”

So, I watched Punisher: War Zone…I thought the acting was horrible, the story was lame, and there wasn’t enough of this:







Ray Stevenson was good, though…and he looks like Bwana…which was kind of weird.

3 Responses to ““Let Me Put You Out Of My Misery.””

  1. bwanavoodoo Says:

    The acting was horrible? I don’t get it. Sure it didn’t have the cutting edge risk taking thespian pyrotechnics of a straight guy playing a gay guy or a retarded guy playing an even more retarded guy like in MILK or I AM SAM, but it got the job done. Geez, what’s next with you, “I felt that the titties were too big and gratutious”. Maybe if you spent a little more time shooting guns and mowing your god damned yard instead of watching RACHEL GETTING MARRIED you wouldn’t have so much time to worry about acting, God damn weak tit society needs to be punished. Fuck communism!

  2. mrcanacorn Says:

    Look, action movies walk a fine line with me…sometimes I love the cheesiness and ridiculousness of every scene….other times I’m put off and bored silly.

    Maybe it’s me? When I watch a Godfrey Ho ninja movie I KNOW it’s going to suck in a good way and I look forward to its awfulness. Sometimes a movie like THE MARINE comes out of nowhere and really impresses me with its non ironic awesomeness…and then there’s P:WZ…

    Dominic West (Jigsaw) and the dude that played his brother were almost as disappointing as Nicholson’s Joker or Schwarzenegger’s Mr. Freeze…and what sucks the most about that is Dominic is a decent actor. I get wanting to have some fun with a role, but it just didn’t work for me. And don’t get me started on the jumping bean gang, or the Italians who-a talked-a like-a this-a all the time-a!

    And…I said, …”there wasn’t enough of this,” and then posted some pretty gruesome shots from P:WZ….WASN’T ENOUGH…as in I wanted more violence not less…in fact, I wanted LESS story (if that’s even possible) and MORE head explode-y (which is always possible).

    I’ll have you know, I did some yard work yesterday and I don’t cotton to no Commies.

  3. bwanavoodoo Says:

    That’s how the dirty wops talk. I never made it through THE MARINE. It needed an r-rating. And the guy’s face is funny looking.

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