Jim Carrey As Curly?!

You’ve got to be kidding me?


What’s wrong with Michael Chiklis? He played the shit out of Jerome “Curly” Howard back in 2000!

Am I right?!


Not one of you guys remember this?

I am surprised Sean Penn is playing Larry Fine since he has a serious lack of a sense of humor…but Benicio Del Toro as Moe Howard is truly inspired.

4 Responses to “Jim Carrey As Curly?!”

  1. Soylent Steve Says:

    Sean Penn has no sense of humor? Tying up Madonna?……Jeff Spicoli anyone?

    The Farellys have lost it.

    File under Bad Idea Jeans.

  2. mrcanacorn Says:

    I said, “lack of”.

    The Madonna high-larity was in 89…FAST TIMES was in 82. What has he done for me lately?

    I hate to admit that I agree with you on this being a bad idea though….but God knows, I looooove me some bad ideas!

  3. bwanavoodoo Says:

    Del Toro looks like something that should be doing janitorial work at Dr. Moreau’s place.

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