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Hey there kids! Welcome back to another Fetish Fridays here at Awesomeness!


And by ripped, I mean copied and pasted…and by headlines, I mean local morning news.

It seems that the teenagers are at it again!

These sex obsessed teeny boppers are no longer content with hot rods, burger joints, and rock and roll music!

Oh no, dear readers, these hopped up delinquents have discovered something more sinister than Elvis “The Pelvis” and jazz cigarettes!

It’s called SEXTING!

Yur tddy ber

Yur tddy ber

Now I know you’re wondering, “Just what is this Sexting anyway?”

Well, according to a KVUE news story I browsed on the internet,

Sexting is a new trend where teenagers send sexually explicit photographs through their cell phones.”

Wait a minute…cell phones take pictures? Like a camera?

Okay….if you say so.

So anyway, parents and teachers are getting all wack-a-doodle over this “social danger” and new form of “child pornography“!

Some parents are even thinking about homeschooling their kids because of the dangers of sexting! Really…check what Charles B. Lowers had to say:

Well, you thought that cell phone would keep your kid safe if there was another school shooting. Who knew the shots would actually be homemade porn made with that very same cell phone?!? File this under the complete pornification of our society. What’s an awkward teen boy do to get a date now? He sends a girl a picture of his junk. Parents, can I speak frankly here? If you are not considering homeschooling, you are completely nuts.

ZOUNDS! Child porn? The complete pornification of our society? Screw the adults, that’s some heavy shit for a teen to have to deal with.

And then there’s the thought of some jerk off using your explicit digital picture as a form of blackmail…or even worse…TEXTUAL HARASSMENT!

Old school!

Old school!

Now, I know I’m just some old fogey, but what happened to the good ol’ days when you just used your parent’s Polaroid to snap some naughty pictures of your wing-wang, hoo-ha, or even your wopbopaloobops?

Hardly anyone would see those incredibly hot (and maybe a tad bit embarrassing) sexual rights of passage back in my day!

Now, thanks to technology, those damn things are plastered all over 4 Chan and/or some creep’s blog, forever haunting you and possibly ruining your entire fucking life…forever.

You know what? I agree with Taylor High School junior, Nigel M., when he said, “I think it is a big deal. Maybe the parents need to be aware of what their kids are doing or whatever.

You tell ’em Nigel…’cause God knows I never want a child of mine ever sending or receiving a pic like this on their cell phone:

OMFG, sxting to teh xtrm!

OMFG, sxting to teh xtrm!


And that’s what NSFW is all about!

Later, boners…and thanks for waiting!