Can 2 Mini Obsessions Share 1 Brain?

The answer to that question, dear readers, is a resounding YES!

The first mini obsession I’m currently afflicted with is THE ROOM.

Enter THE ROOM and leave forever changed!

Enter THE ROOM and leave forever changed!

I promise to go into that one a bit later here at Awesomeness (maybe with some fellow bloggers chiming in as well)…so for now, feel free to check out the website and get a small taste of Tommy Wiseau‘s cinematic triumph!

decThe second mini obsession of mine is the new Decemberists LP, THE HAZARDS OF LOVE.

I wouldn’t have know a Decemberist if one jumped up and bit me on the ass a week ago…but once I heard some cuts from their new album on NPR (let the stoning begin) I was thoroughly intrigued.

As I understood it, this record was some sort of 1970s Pink Floyd inspired concept album created by a 1960s British Folk Rock Dungeon Master that grew up sucking on the literary teats of Lord Byron and Shirley Collins….or whatever…I could be totally off base here…except for the Shirley Collins thing…I read that on the internet.

Anyway…I got around to listening to the record at work and was completely blown the fuck away (which was the same way I felt about THE ROOM, btw)!

From beginning to the tragic end I was slack jawed….but what really sold me was one singer-songwriter multi-instrumentalist Shara Worden of MY BRIGHTEST DIAMOND.

Seriously, this broad can sing…enough chatter…just listen to this track…I know it’s out of context, this being a concept record and all, but just listen…Shara comes in around 2 minutes into the track:

Wow, huh? Not only is that some great songwriting and riffage, but Shara is the smokin’ hot queso on top of this musical burrito! One reviewer compared her part of the Forest Queen to Tina Turner’s Acid Queen in Tommy.

While I’m sure that’s meant as high praise and I totally get where he’s coming from, I personally think Shara out sings Tina on Hazards…just sayin’.

It took 3 or 4 listens for me to really start paying attention to the lyrics and once I did The Rake’s Song quickly became one of my favorite tracks…peep this:

Now is that not the catchiest song about infanticide you ever did hear? I thought so.

Okay then…I’ve rambled enough…just buy this fucking record already and thank me later….here’s one last track if you’re not already convinced:

You’re welcome.