What’s The Deal With Clare’s Hair?

Hey, y’all remember that time when Valerie hung out at the beach house with Donna and creepy crossed eyed Clare to watch gymnastics and Val totally pretended to get drunk so she could spend the night in Kelly‘s room and read her journal?

And remember when Val told Clare that Kelly had written some mean things about Clare‘s hair in her journal?

I know Val only did it to get back at Kelly for getting back together with Brandonagain…but seriously, someone had to tell Clare…she’s been a fucking mess this season.




Looks like a certain someone needs to renew her subscription to the Sophisticate’s Hairstyle Guide already.

And…uh, Donna honey….you gotta’ stop hanging around with Clare. She’s just bringing you down. Okay? Okay.


11 Responses to “What’s The Deal With Clare’s Hair?”

  1. Soylent Steve Says:

    A) There’s no way you’re not gay.

    B) I’d do you.

    C) 90210 SUCKED after Brenda left for London!

    D) Jennie Garth’s mouth looks like someone just pulled a hook out of it.

    E) James Eckhouse was under rated.

    F) Andrea was 45 when the series wrapped and I still love her…..Love the Zuck!

    G) It’s E-an not I-an…Jesus fuck out loud enough already.

    H) Did I-an always have a rug? Doesn’t matter, I love him anyway.

    I) Is the guy that played Nat still missing?

    J) Peach Pit after Dark?! Please! Just a shallow attempt to incorporate shitty music on the show…..sorry Letters To Cleo.

    K) Letters To Cleo is from South Boston?

    L) I love hilliary Swank. There I said it.

    M-T) Skip. No need for these.

    U) What a crap idea it was to bring this show back.

    V) I always thought that they should have moved Steve and Kelly to Melrose Place when they got too old for 90210. I’m fucking brilliant.

    W) Pass.

    X) X-cuse me but Clare sucked. She looked like a retarded Juliette Lewis who looks like a retarded Lisa Lupner.

    Y) I liked that other chick that Brandon dated…the underclassmen….the short one….good old whatsherface.

    Z) Shouldnt one of Donna’s tits have a different zip code than the other?

    A1) Luke Perry rules…I wanna cut my eyebrow.

    A2) I wanted to punch Jason Priestly from the first time I saw him…..not so much Brandon.

    A3) RIP Jack McKay. 😦

    to be continued………………….

  2. mrcanacorn Says:

    I stopped reading after B. Thank you. 😉

  3. Yum-Yum Says:

    I love the second pic of Kathleen; crimped hair and clueless apathy is hot.

  4. Myrtle Says:

    After seeing that picture of Clare, I realized than I need to stop crimping my hair.

    James Eckhouse is certainly underrated. He was the bomb when played the substitute teacher when Edward James Olmos had a heart attack in “Stand and Deliver”.

    • mrcanacorn Says:

      Really? It took that picture to convince you?

      Eckhouse is werewolf among men…his hairy masculinity inspires yet frightens me.

  5. aunt john Says:

    Poor hair choices withstanding, I always had a thing for Clare, aka the Dean’s daughter ever since she did that topless scene in the COREYS BLOWN AWAY. I was blown away…

    • mrcanacorn Says:

      Topless you say? Both Corey’s?! What fucking rock have I been under?

      I just can’t look at Clare without the overwhelming desire to tap her on the side of her head to get those eyes to even out….I hope her tits don’t have the same problem.

      • aunt john Says:

        Seriously, Senor Canacorn… it’s worth Netflix-ing (if they have it) plus that hotsie-totsie NICOLE EGGERT is the lady lead. Enough said.

      • mrcanacorn Says:

        It’s totally in my queue! The Wife is very excited…thanks for the heads up!

  6. Okay-ish Movie, But No Topless Clare. « Awesomeness For Awesome’s Sake. Says:

    […] my favorite Auntie over at Kindertrauma turned me on to it last month. I had been bitching about creepy crossed eyed Clare from 90210 and Aunt John was […]

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