Fetish Fridays! Ready To Drop And NSFW

preg1 AAAHHH, pregnancy

What a special time in a woman’s life…sure there’s the mild annoyances of morning sickness, heartburn, fatigue, stretch marks, spider veins, hot flashes, hemorrhoids, and leg cramps…but there’s also some great benefits!

Sure, sure, there’s the whole nurturing a new life inside of your body thing…but we all know the real joy of pregnancy is women transforming into “full blown preggo fuck-tarts with stomachs the size of beach umbrellas and tits the size of watermelons with milk leaking from grapefruit sized nipples bangin’ with a wild abandon brought on by nine months of raging hormones!”

Preggo fuck tarts? Subtlety is obviously not the internets’ strong suit.

Um look, internets, I don’t mean to be a contrarian here, but is this whole maiesiophilia thing really that big a deal?

Thanks, Professor G!

Thanks, Professor G!

Let’s do some research with Professor Google…what if I type “pregnant porn” into my search bar?

Oh, I get a pic of this blond baby-filled beauty and some links to sites like, Hot Pregnant Girls Fucking, Pregnant Hardcore Sex, Knocked Up Pussies, and the ever popular Preggos Sucking Cocks!

Where to click first? Hot Pregnant Girls Fucking sounds pretty straight forward, but I’m gonna’ push it to the limit and choose the delightfully named She Got Knocked Up!

Check it, I don’t know who this gal is but she seems to know me and every other dude on the internet! Here’s what she has to say.

Hey guys, welcome to my site! I’m only 18 years old and 100% pregnant! I’m not faking it at all! Inside u will find tons of pictures & videos of me and my large belly that u can download. Was it you that knocked me up? Join now & find out if i’m your baby’s momma!

Um…excuse me? Could you repeat that last part, honey?

Was it you that knocked me up? Join now & find out if i’m your baby’s momma!”


I don't even know your name...

I don't even know your name...

Christ, did I have sex with this girl and get her pregnant? Is she my baby’s momma? I doubt it….I mean, I’ve never even seen her before in my life…does she look familiar to you?

She certainly does look 100% preggers…Obviously not faking….but I swear I had nothing to do with her current predicament!

But can I really be sure? Maybe I should join her site?

I mean, just to clear my name…

These Fetish Fridays are getting all into my mind grapes and seriously starting to fuck with me…I’m feeling all Max Renn and shit…

Seriously not cool, internets…