Two For Tuesdays

gto Today’s band is ADULT.

I like these kooks…

And I especially like the super sexy and dangerously hot photography of band member, NICOLA KUPERUS.

I hear they made some sort of “experimental horror film” called DECAMPMENT that could only be “experienced in person with ADULT. performing the soundtrack live to the film“…which sounds pretty cool if you’re into that kind of stuff. Watch the trailer HERE.

There’s also a 7″ vinyl only release called, THE DECAMPMENT TRILOGY, which is all super limited and shit…curious if there are any left? Then click HERE.

Okay, enough talk…let’s listen to some music…


I Feel Worse When I’m with You

That’s it for today, boners, C U Next Tuesday!

17 Responses to “Two For Tuesdays”

  1. bwanavoodoo Says:

    Seriously awful. Electroawful even. Wasn’t this shit done years ago?

  2. Soylent Steve Says:

    Music my ass! Did you see what he just did there?!

    He’s crossed the line!

    When are we all going to stand up for ourselves?

  3. bwanavoodoo Says:

    I take it back. I didn’t realize it was a parody. Sorry. At some point “fine art” photography and electronic music became the default setting for chicks with no talent but with money to spend on equipment. Everybody’s Helmut Newton or Diane Arbus. I would think dying your hair black would get tiring when you’re in your late 30’s. I always wonder where these people work? Are there that many vinyl stores, vintage shops and post industrial German lamp shoppes around?

  4. Myrtle Says:

    No lie – I used to work at an “industrial record store”.

  5. Soylent Steve Says:

    You’re all missing the point!!!!

    He’s blatently taking a piss on us!!

    C U next Tuesday!

    He’s probably laughing his ass off right now watching fucking 90210 dvds and drinking Moxie.


  6. Yum-Yum Says:

    I like ADULT.

    No need to pee on me.

  7. bwanavoodoo Says:

    I didn’t realize they were doing schtick or retro-schtick.

  8. bwanavoodoo Says:

    Or maybe together ADULT are the yin/yang of the rebirth of Chris Gaines…meta…channeling the spirit of post Weimar Republic lamp maker Dehmer Knob while recording album of Planet P covers in Esperanto.

  9. bwanavoodoo Says:

    I thought it was a store that housed records of industrial concerns, such as Dow Corning and so on.

    Buzz on the street is Myrtle has some big tits.

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