You Can’t Feed A Baby LPs Part 2

Okay, boners, I don’t have much time so I’m gonna’ make this quick…

Here’s a batch of soundtracks I’ve picked up over the past month:

recordsjuly 002

I know, I know, you’re pretty sure I have absolutely no filter when it comes to my record purchases…and I have to admit, that might be true…especially when it comes to soundtracks…


I’m not going to put up a video for each of them , but I will say the BRIGHT LIGHTS BIG CITY soundtrack has some killer 80s jams on it…like this one:

What? You thought I was give a fuck about my cred and play Love Attack by Konk?

Pam Grier is Jackie Brown


jackie1 It’s no secret that one Mr. Canacorn has a couple of loves in his life (other than The Wife and baby Chuy)…

Vinyl and soundtracks! So in celebrating all things Pam this week, I figured we’d talk about the Jackie Brown OST today!

We’ve all been told what a genius Quentin Tarantino is when it comes to picking music for his films…and I really have to agree wholeheartedly.

Sure, sure, I’d love for him to finally hook up with a composer that could whip up an amazing score, but just like Martin Scorsese before him, QT knows how to pick existing songs that can capture the viewers attention and really solidify a scene.

What really impressed me about the Jackie Brown soundtrack was QT’s ballsy choice to use such recognizable songs and still be able to give them a whole new life within the JB universe.

Let’s take a look and a listen to some choice cuts, shall we? Just click on the pic and be transported to wonderful world of YouTube!

Across 110th Street – Bobby Womack

Strawberry Letter 23The Brothers Johnson

Who Is He (And What Is He to You?)Bill Withers

Tennessee StudJohnny Cash

Natural HighBloodstone

Long Time WomanPam Grier

Street LifeRandy Crawford

Didn’t I Blow Your Mind This TimeThe Delfonics

Midnight ConfessionsThe Grass Roots

Inside My LoveMinnie Riperton

The Lions and the CucumberThe Vampire Sound Incorporation

Monte Carlo NightsElliot Easton’s Tiki Gods

and even though it’s not a music video, but because I’m thinking about Jackie Brown, I just have to throw this video in here:

Actor. Rapper. Gaper.

Self described, REAL LADIEZ MAN, B Pumper

Self described, REAL LADIEZ MAN, B Pumper

Okay, black dudes writing rap songs about fucking hos, making cheddar, and their vocal prowess on the mic is nothing new, right?

Well, meet Brian “B” Pumper. That’s him over there on the left. I had no idea who this talented young man was until I read about him in Chris Nieratko‘s latest SKINEMA article.

It seems that B has a new dvd coming out called GAPE MAN 2…and on said dvd is an incredible hip hop track performed by B all about his ability to cause “mass ass destruction in da pink meat.”

Are you guys on board here? You do know what the gape is right?

You don’t?!

Look, I know I’ve posted some questionable material on here before, but I’m not so sure about hitting you guys up with this particular extreme porn niche.

Um, okay, how do I explain this one? You know what the definition of the word gape is. Now apply that to the human anus. It should look something like this in your mind…but more wet and inflamed looking:

 Awesome Blossom + Human Anus = What a gape looks like

Awesome Blossom + Human Anus = What a gape looks like

So wanna’ hear some of B Pumper‘s music? Me too.

Lucky for us he’s got a channel on YouTube! Here’s his video for “Fucked Ya Girl“:

I don’t know, B…it’s a little weak in the beat, rhyme, and flow areas. Sorry, B…you know what, maybe it’s just me? After reading about The Gape Man Rap none of your other songs are gonna’ cut it.


Dear God, please don’t let my mother read my blog…..

The Movie Soundtrack Meme

I found this meme floating around the internet this morning and figured it would make for a good time waster and an excuse to listen to some music.

So, here’s how it works:

1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every section of the movie, type the song that’s playing

No cheating now…we’d all love to cherry pick the soundtrack to our movie, but you gotta’ follow the rules…

But first, how about a movie poster to go along with my soundtrack?


Opening Credits:You Ought To Be With MeAl Green (Nice. This song is super funky and romantic…it always makes me smile…a fine song to start a movie)

Waking Up:Charleston AlleyLambert, Hendricks, & Ross (Okay, I don’t care what anyone says, I love this group…not sure where this movie is going yet…)

First Day At School:Billion Dollar BabiesAlice Cooper (Well, we’ve certainly switched gears here…)

Falling In Love:GogomobilCarlo Montez (Sweet, this is a jazzy European instrumental number that riffs on the Neil Hefti theme from BATMAN)

Shower Scene:Frisco NightLalo Schifrin from the SUDDEN IMPACT soundtrack. (What the fuck kind of shower was that? I’m all freaked out…)

Fight Song:Wu Banga 101Ghostface Killah, GZA, Raekwon, Cappadonna, Masta Killa (I wondered when the Wu was gonna’ show up…features a sample from “Queen Of Tears” by Gladys Knight & The Pips.)

Breaking Up:Dig Boy DigFreddie Hart (Oh man, a rockabilly track…I have a past not many of y’all know about…)

Prom:FunkyAndre Brasseur (More sexy European gogo music from the 60s…Best…Prom…Ever!)

Life’s OK:Finger Of ScornCirith Ungol (FYI: the band’s name is Elvish and it means “Pass of the Spider“….Rings, bitches!)

Mental Breakdown:Hopelessly Devoted To YouOlivia Newton-John (I am kind of gay you know…)

Driving:Dats What I’m Talkin’ AboutMissy Elliott with R. Kelly (This song is all about fucking…and, um, the sex scene comes after the driving scene…I can’t wait to see what comes next…)

Sex Scene:Hall Of The Mountain KingSavatage (Okay…I really wish I could switch this one with the driving scene…)

Flashback:EmergencyDee Dee King (This is Dee Dee Ramone‘s rap record…beautiful…)

Getting Back Together:Hippa To Da HoppaOl’ Dirty Bastard (I know, I’m such a romantic…Samples “It’s A New Day” by Skull Snaps and “Sing A Simple Song” by Sly & The Family Stone)

Wedding:Slayers” from John Carpenter’s VAMPIRES The Texas Toad Lickers (I would like to imagine that this was the band playing at the wedding…know why? Here’s a list of the musicians: John Carpenter – keyboards, piano, guitar and bass, Steve “The Colonel” Cropper – guitar, Donald V.”Duck” Dunn – bass, Rick Shlosser – drums, Jeffrey “Skunk” Baxter -electronic guitar, dobro and steel pedal, Joe Robb – saxophone, Bruce Robb – Hammond B3 organ…’nuff said.)

Birth of Child:State Of IndependenceDonna Summer (Whoa…not my favorite Donna Summer…it’s a cover of a Jon Anderson (of YES) and Vangelis song…very 80s…the lyrics work though)

Death Scene:Gasoline DreamsOutkast (Don’t everybody like the smell of gasoline?)

Funeral Song:Killing An ArabThe Cure
(Weird…my funeral is set to a song based on “…one of the most famous French novels of the twentieth century…” and is considered to be “…among the best literary expositions of the absurdity of human existence in an indifferent universe.“…nice.)

End Credits:Break My BodyPixies (After FIGHT CLUB we all know that the Pixies are a fine way to close your film.)

Well, not exactly what I would have picked, but interesting none the less….If any of you knuckleheads participate in this here meme, let me know…I’m a sucker for soundtracks.

I wonder what would happen if I did it again?

Blood Is Red

5 LP set of Argento soundtracks

5 LP set of Argento soundtracks

I haven’t been blogging about my record purchases lately since I haven’t really been buying any…

But look what rolled into the record store the other day! A 5 LP box set of Dario Argento soundtracks from DAGORED!

Here’s the description:

“Blood Is Red, Dario Argento Ltd Edition Vinyl Box Set

Have a blood red Christmas! the contents of this briefcase may be a nice alternative to the usual Christmas party songs…ring in the new year with Goblin & Morricone and leave Rudolph on the shelf! 5 of the creepiest Dario Argento movie soundtracks on vinyl LP in a limited edition – 250 units – white plastic briefcase with fold-in handle and a blood red serigraphy reproducing Argento fans’ favorite crime scene.

Il gatto a nove code (RED111) – gatefold 180 gram LP
Quattro mosche di velluto grigio (RED139) – 180 gram LP
Profondo rosso (RED137) – gatefold 180 gram LP
Suspiria (RED127) – gatefold 180 gram LP
Tenebre (RED131) – gatefold 180 gram LP”

Oh yes, my fiends...

Oh yes, my fiends...

Isn’t she lovely? DAGORED put all theses LPs out individually over the years (plus a bunch of others) but it’s nice to have them all together.

Out of the 5, Suspiria is the only soundtrack that I would be repurchasing, so I felt that the $90 and change price tag on this set was worth it…and I do get a discount where I work, so that didn’t hurt either.

5 Lps on brown carpet

5 Lps on brown carpet

When these records originally came out they all included mini-posters, but for some reason the ones in the box set do not…a small complaint, I know, but I do love the extra goodies that usually accompany “limited edition” pressings/packaging of things.

The other odd thing I noticed was the lack of numbering anywhere on the box…if these are indeed limited to only 250 units, where’s the nifty little 100/250 sticker?

Oh well, I’m still super stoked about my early Christmas gift to myself, despite my minor gripes. The 180 gram vinyl warms my nerd heart as well as the gatefold sleeves…and the recordings sound fantastic. Granted, I just have a basic stereo system, but I know what I like…and I like what I hear coming from my speakers today!

Okay, I know you want to hear some music, so click the titles below for some awesome tunes:

Il Gatto A Nove Code: Paranoia Prima

Quattro Mosche Di Velluto Grigio: Come Un Madrigale

Profondo Rosso: Death Dies

Suspiria: Sighs

Tenebre: Flashing

I can’t tell y’all how happy these records make me…jealous much?

Grainer: “Did I write that?” Derbyshire: “Most of it.”

I woke up with a song in my head this morning:

Actually, it was really this version, but after all the reading I did about Ron Grainer and Delia Derbyshire, I decided to post the original theme. I only kinda’ watched the show as a kid and I’ve never seen any Dr. Who past the mid 80s, but I love that fucking intro.

Rocktober! Day 22

Swan’s message on the back of my Phantom Of The Paradise LP:

An Invitation…
How exciting these satanic ’70s. This magical time when reality and fantasy are so cleverly disguised by the media masters. Full color shoot outs nightly on all channels. In the movies. In the news. Fact or fiction? Check your local TV listings if you’re left confused.

Here at The Paradise we offer you a special blend off ends and fact. Atrocity and art. Music and murder twice nightly. And is the horror you witness mere theatrics, or is it real? The only way to be sure…is to participate.

At The Paradise our performers are contracted to entertain you at any cost! And entertain you they will. Trust me… SWAN”

There is nothing I can say about this awesome Rocktober pick that hasn’t been covered at the amazing site, THE SWAN ARCHIVES!

You can also check out a review at one of my new favorite places to waste some time and learn a few things at: No Smoking In The Skull Cave!

Enough chatter…On with the music!

So, here we have The Undead performing “(The Beef Construction Song) Somebody Super Like You” followed by Beef’s, “Life At Last” (totally a Canacorn favorite):

Oh, Beef, could you be any cooler?

Beef. Knows drug real from real real.

Beef. Knows drug real from real real.

He steals every fucking scene he’s in…check it:

And that’s your quickie Rocktober post for today…things are crazy busy at Casa Canacorn this month…so Rocktober might have to suffer a bit. Never fear, I will complete this insane (or is it inane?) task of honoring 31 days of horror and metal on Awesomeness…of this I swear!

Rocktober! Day 19

Yes, I know the difference between prog rock and heavy metal…I’ve worked in a record store for a decade.

But I just couldn’t let another day of Rocktober go by without mentioning GOBLIN.

If you doubt these wacky Italians don’t have a bit of the metal coursing through their veins just check out Zaratozom from the Zombi soundtrack!

Besides, the soundtrack to Suspira is one of my most favorite recordings in the world…

So, bottom line is: metal or not, it’s my damn blog and if I say Goblin is worthy of Rocktober, than so be it.

I have spoken.

Rocktober! Day 14

Dammit! Another horror movie featuring some wicked metal that I haven’t seen! This is getting out of hand…Here I am trying to cover 31 days filled with horror and metal, and as I conduct my “research” I keep unearthing films and bands that I’m not familiar with or haven’t had the chance to check out yet.

Which brings us to Black Roses on this 14th day of Rocktober!

Well, at least I’m familiar with this one unlike yesterday’s post for SHOCK ‘EM DEAD…Even though I’ve never seen the film, I do own the soundtrack on LP…which really isn’t the same since I don’t get these awesome visuals to go along with the songs:

Rock Invasion! Yeeeeeeeeeeah!

That was awesome, but not too scary…I wonder what happens next?

Woah, what the fuck is going on? Wait a minute, didn’t Bwana review this one over at GORILLANAUT? Let’s click on over and find out!

You can also check out my review of the soundtrack I did a while back…also on GORILLANAUT, of course!

Rocktober! Day 8

Okay, let’s go back to the movies, my little fiends…but this time, with a twist!

The original “Lullaby” for Rosemary’s Baby (written by Krzysztof Komeda and sung by Mia Farrow) is beautiful and haunting, but not metal at all. But what if I told you that there is a metal version of Lullaby..and it’s just as beautifully haunting?

You’d probably call, “bullshit“….or you’d be all, “Duh. It’s by Fantômas and they covered a whole bunch of horror and non-horror film songs for their totally awesome album, THE DIRECTOR’S CUT.”

Well, if you called bullshit, I say listen to this:

And, if you knew all about Fantômas already, then I suggest you take a listen to the original again, just so you can appreciate a little bit of history, smartypants.