THE ROOM Week: What’s Next?

roomwk Here we are, boners…the last day of THE ROOM Week!

And in true Canacorn fashion, I will NOT be talking about THE ROOM today.

Why? Well, why waste any more time on old news when there is a brand new Wiseau Films production in the works?

That’s right…you guys and gals ready for The Neighbors?!

newhomeHere’s the synopsis (typos and all):

‘The Neighbors’ is a sitcom consisting of relationship
between a group of neighbors who live in an apartment building.
The lead character is Charlie, the manager of the building. The
tenants are a diverse group of personality of different ages and
backgrounds constantly bringing their problems to Charlie and his
secretary girlfiend Bebe. The character of Princess Penelope create
commotion by seeing the ghost of her uncle Prince Charles. It is a
fresh humorous look at human behavioe with different view points
including plenty of surprises. The demographic is all inclusive.


And this is what happens in the pilot episode:

In the pilot, Mariana is obses about bugs in her apartment, Monica
catches her boyfriend Den in bed with Patrick. Princess Penelope
arrives and Darren sings the song with tenants for her. Richard
becomes Princess Penelope’s butler, handyman Ed prepares a birthday party for Bebe


Maybe the trailer to this new sitcom will clear things up:


Comedy gold…and Tommy in a wig….on a weekly basis.

Image from Videogum

Image from Videogum

Christ, I want to make a shirt with a picture of a bewigged Tommy that says, “Wiseau’s Wigs Don’t Come Off! San Francisco Bay Area” real bad!

Oh, and if this show happens I promise to blog about every single episode!

Of this I swear!

THE ROOM Week: Live In Austin

Day 6, boners!

And some of y’all doubted my commitment to Sparkle Motion during THE ROOM Week!

Photo by Roger Patterson

Photo by Roger Patterson

When I decided to spend the days of May 4th through the 10th posting nothing but THE ROOM related awesomeness here on Awesomeness, I had no clue that The Wife and I would actually get to see the film up on the big screen.

But the stars lined up just right and like some sort of cosmic jigsaw puzzle all the pieces fell perfectly into place! Not only was THE ROOM coming to Austin right in the middle-ish of THE ROOM Week…but it’s visionary creator, Tommy Wiseau, would be accompanying it!

The screening sold out so fast The Alamo Drafthouse and Tommy decided to add a second show the same night. Lucky for me, The Wife was on it and snatched up our tickets toot sweet!

This was the first time THE ROOM had made its way to Austin…and the excitement was thick in the air! Guys showed up in tuxedo t shirts carrying footballs and roses while the women were adorned in their finest Scotchka fashions, id est, a “sexy dress” coupled with a necktie tied around their head.

We all may have been big screen THE ROOM virgins, but some of the evening’s theater goers had never even seen the best worst movie ever made (no offense, TROLL 2)!

Before the film we were treated to a Q and A with Tommy…and let me tell you, he is just as bat shit insane as you would have guessed. Here’s a snippet The Wife recorded with our little Kodak camera from the back row:

You can hear me asking The Wife if she thinks Tommy gets laid a lot at the 1:52 mark…what you can’t hear is her response of, “Oh yeah. Totally. He’s a pussy magnet.” I knew she had to be right, and I really wanted to ask Tommy if the rumors were true that he was a pussy magnet, but I never got the chance.

I did get to ask him about his vampire movie though! And you can hear that (at 4:16) and the entire Q and A on this superior video by DillyShinguards:

It’s 16 minutes of bizarre hilarity…

I think the best question someone asked was if Tommy would play catch with them…surprisingly(?), Tommy said yes…and while they tossed a football back and forth the lucky devil exclaimed, “You’re my best friend!” Wow…genius.

The film itself was even better on the big screen than at home on the tee vee and the crowd participation, while not as organized and consistent as the monthly LA screenings, was extremely funny and infectious. The couple sitting next to us had never seen THE ROOM and it was awesome watching them lose their shit during the film….especially at the tragic ending…as soon as Tommy pulled the trigger I leaned over to the young lady and asked, “Didn’t see that coming?” to which she practically screamed, “Oh my god, NO!”

Anyway, even though our pics came out blurry and I never got Tommy to tell us what the title of his upcoming Wiseau Films Vampire movie will be (my money’s on: THE COFFIN), we still had a great time!

I highly recommend seeing THE ROOM in a theater with a bunch of fanatics if you ever get the chance…it was a perfect night during this perfect week!

THE ROOM Week: Lisa’s Beautiful Tits

roomwk It’s Friday!

I’m sorry to say there won’t be a Fetish Fridays! post today…

Hold on, don’t get all pissy now…I’m not going to leave you pud pullers and muff buffers without some dirty pictures on the 5th day of THE ROOM Week!

What kind of a man do you think I am? I wouldn’t leave y’all hanging! Not when there’s some beautiful naked flesh to be had! That’s right, I said, beautiful…and naked.

If you didn’t know, EVERYONE thinks Lisa is beautiful…don’t believe me?

Watch this:

So to celebrate Lisa’s beauty let’s take a gander at Juliette Danielle‘s tits!









Wow…she is so beautiful.

THE ROOM Week: Mark’s Beard…



It’s day 4 of THE ROOM Week! And I have a little survey for you kids.

If you’ve seen THE ROOM then you know it’s a really big deal when Mark shaves off his beard for the big game of tuxedo football with the guys…

I know some people were all, “WOOOOOAAAHHHW!” when Mark gave the world it’s first view of his hairless jawline (I’m looking at you Johnny)…but I just can’t decide if I like beardy Mark better than baby face Mark.

What do y’all think?





THE ROOM Week: The Entering

roomwk Okay, here we are at day 3 of THE ROOM Week!

I know some of y’all haven’t seen Tommy Wiseau‘s THE ROOM yet…
so you might want to turn back now if you don’t want anything ruined for you.

I truly believe that the best way to watch THE ROOM is to go in totally blind….avoid the blogs, interviews, and the Wiki if you can.

That being said, I bet you’re wondering why I’m dedicating an entire week to it. Well, much like THE ROOM, I am full of contradictions…and no matter what you read or hear about THE ROOM, your brain will never be ready for this riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma of a film. Not even the trailer or the official website will prepare you to enter THE ROOM.

Just so you know what’s going on, here’s the synopsis from the website:

“The Room” is an American black comedy about love, passion, betrayal and lies. Johnny is a successful banker with great respect for and dedication to the people in his life, especially his future wife Lisa. Johnny can also be a little too trusting at times which haunts him later on. Lisa is a beautiful blonde fiancé of Johnny. She has always gotten her way and will manipulate to get what she wants. She is a taker, with a double personality, and her deadly schemes lead to her own downfall. Mark is a young, successful and independent best friend of Johnny. He has a good heart, but gets caught up in Lisa’s dangerous web and gives into temptation. This eventually brings him to great loss. Denny is an orphan boy, naive and confused about life, love, and friendship. Denny is very ambitious and also very grateful to the people that are in his life. “The Room” depicts the depths of friendship and relationships in one’s life and raises life’s real and most asked question: “Can you ever really trust anyone?”

So, “Are you ready to see reflection of your life?

Okay then, let’s “ENTER ‘The Room’ and leave forever changed!

I hope to see this logo in front of movies for a loooong time!

I hope to see this logo in front of movies for a loooong time!

When Bwana sent over a copy of THE ROOM to Casa Canacorn not too long ago, The Wife and I had no idea what to expect. We had watched the trailer online and thought the movie looked like an okay-ish early 90s independent film like THE BROTHERS McMULLEN…or whatever.

But why in the world would Bwana recommend a “quirky black comedy with the passion of Tennessee Williams“? We were about to find out…

The pillow fight theme also appeared in many of Tennessee's plays.

The pillow fight theme also appeared in many of Tennessee's plays.

6 minutes in…We’ve seen some of the most awkward acting, bizarre dialog, a three way pillow fight between a grown man, his fiancee, and a (possibly) retarded 18 year old boy, and one of the most uncomfortable love making scenes ever filmed.

Johnny, the familiar poet realist type of Tennessee character.

Johnny, the familiar poet realist type of Tennessee character.

17 minutes in…The cinematic world as we know it had been shattered into a million pieces and rebuilt into a shockingly repellent yet intriguing piece of celluloid…obviously crafted by the great, the obscure, the unutterable Nyarlathotep!

One man has one great good true thing in his life.

One man has one great good true thing in his life.

After the scene between Lisa and her shrewish mother, The Wife loudly exclaimed that her brain “literally hurt“…I looked over and saw some blood pooled at the corner of her left eye…her brow was covered in sweat and she had chewed most of the skin off of her lower lip. Things were not going well…

Then there was the second love scene…exactly 11 minutes after the first…and it was more heart-rending than the previous one…even though it lacked Johnny’s weird muscular ass….I swear to god, he had some ripped glutes!

Didn't you notice the powerful and obnoxious odor of mendacity in this room?

Didn't you notice the powerful and obnoxious odor of mendacity in this room?

20 minutes in…This happened:

By now, I was convinced that I was watching THE GREATEST MOVIE EVER MADE! The Wife was slowly losing her grip on reality…she had completely bitten off the fingernails on every finger of her left hand and was starting on the right when the Scotchka scene happened. It was followed by the third love making scene…which was made up of outtakes from the first love making scene, signaling the return of Johnny’s weird muscular ass…The wife’s hand dropped away from her mouth and just like Jesus at Lazarus’ tomb, she wept.

I always thought drinkin' men lost their looks, but I was plainly mistaken.

I always thought drinkin' men lost their looks, but I was plainly mistaken.

60 minutes in…We’ve now been introduced to a second wave of characters. There’s the Chocolate is the symbol of love couple, Michelle and Mike.

Sometimes I wish I had a pill to make people disappear.

Sometimes I wish I had a pill to make people disappear.

The money obsessed, psychopathic drug dealer, Chris R.

But, there's one thing you can't buy at any European fire sale...That's your life.

But, there's one thing you can't buy at any European fire sale...That's your life.

And Peter, the friendly (but clumsy) psychologist.

What is the victory of a cat on a hot tin roof?

What is the victory of a cat on a hot tin roof?

I’ve become dizzy and a bit disorientated by this point…and I’m pretty sure it has nothing to do with The Wife’s constant moaning and and mumbling of, “Hot water burn baby Hot water burn baby Hot water burn baby,” for the past 15 minutes. And just when I thought it couldn’t get any weirder…the cheeping starts…for some reason Johnny, Mark, and Denny have decided to start communicating like baby chickens to force Peter into playing a brutal game of tuxedo football. The Wife throws up.

Life ain't no damn football game. Life ain't just a buncha high spots.

Life ain't no damn football game. Life ain't just a buncha high spots.

1 hour and 10 minutes in…Our “reality” and the film’s “reality” have fully fused together…I feel Johnny’s pain…Mark’s guilt…Denny’s confusionI am Lisa’s machinations…I was THE ROOM and THE ROOM was me. My eyes were wide open and I could see everything so clearly. I wanted it all. I wanted to live, live, live! The Wife was asleep…or maybe dead…did it matter? Lisa was seducing Mark…again.

Careful Maggie, your claws are showing.

Careful Maggie, your claws are showing.

1 hour 16 minutes inSURPRISE!

Running from lies like birthday congratulations and many happy returns when there won't be any!

Running from lies like birthday congratulations and many happy returns when there won't be any!

It’s Johnny’s birthday…all his friends and Lisa are here! Oh, hi Mark! Oh, hi Denny! Look, balloons and a cake! This is such a beautiful party…what could possibly go wrong? Oh look, Lisa is practically fucking Mark on the couch.

You don't know what love means! To you, it's just another four-letter word.

You don't know what love means! To you, it's just another four-letter word.

The wife stirred from her fetal position on the floor…”Party? Is it for the baby,” she whispered. “Lisa said she was carrying Johnny’s baby.” She collapsed before I could tell her…there was no baby. Lisa lied…again. Amazingly, Johnny’s party wasn’t totally ruined yet…but being there felt like sitting on top of an atom bomb that was about to go off.

Did you ever in all your born days hear such a bold-faced lie?

Did you ever in all your born days hear such a bold-faced lie?

1 hour and 24 minutes in…Johnny and Mark get into a fight…The Wife crawled closer to the teevee leaving a trail of vomit and blood across our living room floor…presumably to get a closer look…her eyes appeared to be swollen shut.

You won't live with mendacity? Well, you're an expert at it!

You won't live with mendacity? Well, you're an expert at it!

1 hour and 26 minutes in…The Wife’s hands clawed at the teevee. I think she’s is trying to physically enter THE ROOM…searching for complete immersion into Johnny’s drama…or maybe she’s trying to turn it off. She didn’t accomplish either. The film builds to it’s dramatic conclusion behind her crimson hand prints and maniacal laughter. The party is over. The guests have left. Lisa has left to be with Mark. Everyone has betrayed Johnny. He is alone…in THE ROOM.

You... you got pain - at least you know you're alive.

You... you got pain - at least you know you're alive.

1 hour 33 minutes inEverything will be alright. Goodnight Johnny.

Truth is dreams that don't come true, and nobody prints your name in the paper 'til you die.

Truth is dreams that don't come true, and nobody prints your name in the paper 'til you die.

The Wife has stopped crying. “Am I dead?” she asks.

You’re in a better place,” I tell her. “You are forever changed.”

THE ROOM Week: Scotchka!


Hey, lookee there! I actually made it to day 2 of THE ROOM Week!

Now I know some of you out there like to have a few beers or a box of wine to give you that much needed liquid assist to sit through an entire movie in one viewing…and that’s cool…but when watching THE ROOM you can’t just beer bong your way through a six pack or sip on one of your older sister’s wine coolers!

Oh no, my little boozed up boners! You need a real drink! A drink that has has some bite! A drink that will put hair on your chest and fire in your loins!

You need a Scotchka!

I’m sure those of you that haven’t seen THE ROOM yet are wondering, “What the fuck’s a Scotchka?”

I’ll tell ya’! It is a unique mixed drink found only in one movie…and it’s consumed in only one scene…but once you’ve seen it, you’ll never forget it!

You see, in THE ROOM, our hero, Johnny, was passed over on the big bank promotion (even though he’s saved that son of a bitch bundles)! And he feels like a fool…luckily, his bride to be, Lisa, knows just what he needs…a super special drink.

A Scotchka!

It is quite possibly the best alcoholic drink ever created…and today, I’m gonna’ teach you how to make it!

First: Pour yourself two to three fingers of room temperature
Clan MacGregor Blended Scotch Whisky (it has a smooth light taste, it’s hangover friendly, and cheap) in an old fashioned tumbler.

Second: Fix one up for a friend…(only alcoholics drink alone!)

Third: Add approximately two to three fingers of Smirnoff® Red LabelVodka straight from the freezer!


Fourth: Do NOT stir, shake, mix or blend! These bad boys are ready for consumption right out of the bottle!

Now that you’ve made yourself (and a friend) a refreshing Scotchka, here’s how to drink it:

Oh, before you go enjoying your Scotchka, don’t forget to eat…You gotta’ put that bottom in! Drinking on an empty stomach is a bad idea. I suggest you get a pizza! But not just any pizza…Try Johnny’s favorite pie! It’s half Canadian bacon with pineapple, half artichoke with pesto, light on the cheese, heaven in a box!


Get your friend to taste their Scotchka first…If your friend protests, just remind him/her that if they love you, they will drink itand it tastes good!

Make a toast…preferably to “how right you are” and “to having fun”!


After a glass or two you’ll be tired, wasted, in love, and ready to sloppy drunk fuck the night away…guaranteed!




Trust me (and Lisa)…it works every time!

THE ROOM Week: L is B


To kick off THE ROOM Week I’d thought I’d start y’all off with a musical tribute of sorts…

But know this, like a bad trip filtered through a dreamachine, L is B may induce hypnagogia when viewed in its entirety.

You’ve been warned.

Thanks, THE ROOM IN NYC for this awesome video!

Are you ready boners? It is…


Who else is celebrating THE ROOM WEEK?

Why it’s The Fook over at THE NAKED JUNGLE!

Hey wow, it’s Tenebrous Kate at THE LOVE TRAIN FOR THE TENEBROUS EMPIRE!

When The Going Gets Rough…

…It’s only the size of your heart that counts.

2003…The year that brought you THE ROOM also gives you…


I’ll have you all know that as soon as Bwana sent me this trailer I immediately put it at the top of my Netflix queue…I strongly advise that you all do the same.

Blue Drank

So, yesterday I was working on an upcoming post for THE ROOM Week (I know, I know, it’s not until May and you’re already sick of me talking about it) and I was getting all crazy Virgo about some minor details that I couldn’t figure out…so I turned to Bwana for some help.

I shot him a quick email since I was sure he must be some sort of expert on the details in question…I eventually figured it out on my own (with some help from The Wife) and emailed Bwana again to share the good news.

When he emailed me back he expressed his approval and admiration of my findings and then he hit me up with a (non THE ROOM) question of his own for me!

Yum, it's produced by a female bantha’s mammary glands!

Yum, it's produced by a female bantha’s mammary glands!

Hey, what do you think that blue stuff that Aunt Beru gave to Luke to drink when he was whining about going to get the power converters was?

Hmmmmm…an interesting question…I was pretty sure Bwana was in no way making fun of me or “busting my balls” as the (Italian) kids say…so I hit the internets to find out just what in the Hell was in that future flask!

A few key strokes later and I ended up on Wookieepedia! And sure as shit there was an entry for Blue Milk!

It says: “Blue milk, sometimes known as Bantha milk[1] was a blue-colored liquid produced by a female bantha’s mammary glands. It could be found on most planets across the galaxy. The milk was well known for being very rich and refreshing, its opaque coloring suggesting that it was also sweet. The milk was also used to make a variety of yogurt, ice cream, and cheese.

There’s even a commercial for it:

So, there you go, Bwana! If you (or any of you other Awesomeness readers) think of any other burning questions I can answer for ya’ just let me know at or hit me up in the comments section!

THE ROOM Week: Serendipity, Baby!

roomwk First up, just a friendly reminder that THE ROOM Week is only days away!

That’s right, boners, a whole week of THE ROOM related goodness right here on Awesomeness!

From May 4th to the 10th (that’s a Monday through a Sunday) I’ll be assaulting your brain pans with my musings on Tommy Wiseau‘s cinematic masterpiece!

Oh and remember, If you feel like posting anything at all about THE ROOM and/or Tommy Wiseau any time between the 4th and 10th of May just hit me up with an email at ( and a link to your blog or website and I’ll throw you in the mix!

Hi doggie.

Hi doggie.

And secondly, on Wednesday, May 06, 2009 Tommy Wiseau is screening THE ROOM right here in Austin!

At my favorite movie theater, The ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE!

No fucking way, right?!

Right smack dab in the middle of THE ROOM Week!

Obviously, The Wife and I already purchased our tickets (Thanks for the heads up, Bwana!)

Here’s their write up:

Austin’s premiere venue for alternative comedy, ColdTowne Theater, presents this once-in-a-lifetime cinematic event- an evening with Writer/Director/Actor Tommy Wiseau inside THE ROOM!

Love is blind.

Love is blind.

If you’re one of the select few who’ve had the good fortune to see THE ROOM, your mind is already blown and you are quite possibly unable to read written language. But if you haven’t, you may be wondering how a humble independent feature — albeit one shot simultaneously with both 35mm and high-def digital cameras because the director wanted to compare the two formats — could have so quickly become a cult sensation on par with THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW.



Let’s just say that no matter how much you think you know about what a movie is, THE ROOM will prove you wrong. Wiseau says that he intentionally shot this movie as a “black comedy” and we say, “Sure, what the hell.” We’re just happy he made it, and we’re ecstatic that he’s personally coming down to Austin to share it with us. People will be talking about this for years, guaranteed, so don’t miss it. We would quote the film, but the most repeated line in the whole movie is “Don’t worry about it,” and we want you to worry about it.

I can’t fucking wait!