Krampus Comes To Casa Canacorn



A couple of weeks ago the creepy and talented Tenebrous Kate over at The Love Train… hipped me to the AWESOME Saint Nick sidekick, The Krampus!

Well, of course I had to do some “research” and see what this little guy was all about! There are a ton of cool blogs, articles, and images out there on the internet, but my favorite find was Xmas With Krampus!

Why is it so cool? Well, you can buy your very own handmade Krampus!

No way!


Check it out! Just click on the link above and see the super awesome Krampus plush dolls and ornaments that Baron Exu and Baroness Joni have to offer.

Here’s the little Krampus The Wife bought for our tree:

One foot is regular and one foot is cloven...

One foot is regular and one foot is cloven...

Isn’t he handsome? Now our tree is officially awesome for 2008!

Man, I can’t wait until our baby will be old enough to be scared straight* by tales of the Krampus!

*Do yourself a favor and click that shit!