“Uh Oh, Chongo!”

This is quite possibly the coolest and nerdiest thing I've ever seen.

This is quite possibly the coolest and nerdiest thing I've ever seen.

Here’s a Canacorn Fun Fact: I get up at 5:30am every weekday morning….even if I don’t have to.

I know, it sounds crazy…but I’m pretty sure that I’m slowly becoming a daywalker in my advancing years.

And get this, every morning a song (or two) gets stuck in my head while I perform my morning routines of cat feeding, coffee making, showering, and dressing. I’m not quite sure why some songs pop into the ol’ noggin on certain days, but I am convinced that these songs are some sort of horoscope…a predictive musical composition based on celestial influences to guide me through my day….or whatever.

Today I totally got an unrelated(?) two-fer….the first song was The Beach BoysI Know There’s An Answer…not the whole thing…mostly it was the chorus and the weird ass harmonica and banjo breakdown that happens around 1:40 into the song.

Okay, not too hard to figure out what I should be gleaming from that one…but then it morphed into the opening theme to The Banana Splits Adventure Hour?!

danger_islandHMMMMMMMMMMM, I’m not so sure if there’s any message hidden in all the Tra-La-Las, but I do know that when I think of one of my all time favorite childhood shows I can’t help but be reminded of DANGER ISLAND!

DANGER ISLAND was one of those childhood memories that was difficult to explain to friends during the dark days before The Internet existed.

I’d be all, “You remember, I know you do! A pre-AIRWOLF Jan Michael Vincent was on this island, and there were pirates, headhunters painted up like skeletons, a cool Black dude, and some crazy guy named Chongo that only speaks in some wacky gibberish?

Blank stares….

It had a really cool theme song…kind of Neil Hefti‘s BATMAN-ish sounding…and…and…

Even blanker stares and serious signs of disinterest….

Then I’d yell, “Uh oh, Chongo!

And then I’d be sitting by myself…again.

Well, fuck a bunch of that! It’s 2009, you ignorant sons-a-bitches, and all the DANGER ISLAND episodes are on YouTube! So it’s time to get hip and go traipsing down memory lane with your buddy, Mr. Canacorn…starting now!

Here’s the first episode:

Now go watch the rest of them HERE and amaze your friends with you new found knowledge of something cooler than the latest shitty episode of LOST…or whatever crap you kids are watching these days.

Hey, anybody else remember THE ARABIAN KNIGHTS?

I May Not Always Love You…

Let’s take a romantical trip down memory lane…

Before The Wife was The Wife, she was just a girl at the record shop that I was totally crushing on. Sure, we were both in relationships with other people, but they just weren’t working out anymore. We totally realized we were falling in love when QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE rocked our socks off with what became our first song.


When The Wife and I were dating, I was really into The Beach Boys, PET SOUNDS. The whole album makes me go all dreamy for The Wife, but it’s really all about that first song on side 2. She didn’t know how I felt about this song until we were watching BIG LOVE and I told her how it makes me think of her….Boy, did I get a look after that first line in the song…


Well, you know the old saying, “First comes love, then comes marriage,” right? That’s exactly what happened to us! We needed a special wedding song to really capture how the both of us feel about each other. And who knows more about love than Dolly, Kenny, and The Brothers Gibb?


There you go, I hope everyone has a HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY…and if you’re one of those people who don’t dig on V-Day, I’m sorry to hear that…maybe some day you’ll change your mind.

I’m going to take a page out of my buddy Catherine’s book and sign off with:

Love, Mr. Canacorn