Two For Tuesdays

The best rapper ever who rocked an eyepatch…

I think it’s time for a double shot of Slick Rick to celebrate his recent pardon. I know you guys have heard Children’s Story and La Di Da Di a million times so here’s a couple you might not have heard in a while.


Holee shit..did you see the size of Big Daddy Kane‘s ring?!

Sorry no video for Canacorn favorite…


What? You want more? Oh alright…I’ll do the work for you and provide the link for Treat Her Like A Prostitue…just don’t tell your mother.

…and your bonus video link is Slick Rick with OutkastDA ART OF STORYTELLIN’. Who likes puppets!?

Two For Tuesdays

Last Tuesday was a bit vanilla…but today is all chocolate, baby.

Before we get to the music….
The Wife and I have been watching THE WIRE lately….yes, it’s as awesome as everyone says…and while all the characters are compelling, there is a Mr. Canacorn favorite. I know you’re pegging me as an Omar Little man, and you’d be right if it wasn’t for Stringer Bell.

Here is where I became a convert: (From Season 1…no spoilers)

The Wife calls String, The Wise Owl…but she has a thing for owls.

Does Stringer look like anyone to you? A musician, maybe? Well, he reminds me of one of my favorite MCs:

ANTONIO HARDY….but you may know him by another name….The King Asiatic Nobody’s Equal….BIG DADDY KANE!

It was hard to choose two videos this Tuesday, so I went with an early hit…

Aint No Half Steppin’

….and what some would call, a later misstep. For the record, I think the following song is fucking romantically genius!

All Of Me (featuring Barry White?!)’s kind of creepy the way Barry’s all hanging around peeping on Big Daddy and his lady friend…but hey, he is the Obi-Wan Kenobi of BLACK TAIL (Uh, that link is soooo NOT SAFE FOR WORK….or for the easily offended…seriously.)