Snapshot Of Awesomeness

hair bare bunch

These guys rule…seriously. I like to call them The Hair Bare Bunch.

Oh, anyone else seen Just Can’t Get Enough: The True Story of The Chippendales’ Murders? It totally fucking rules..maybe I’ll blog about it some day.


shitstorm Not everyone has a friend like SHITSTORM.

I met her on Myspace…which I hardly ever log into anymore.

But when SHITSTORM leaves me a comment I just can’t stay away.

Actually, I’m pretty sure she isn’t even real. I think I created this demented pixie as a way of dealing with my tendencies towards neo-Luddite, nihilist and anarcho-primitivist behaviors…or whatever.

Obviously she’s a manifestation of my very own spiritual scientist…an expert at making boners appear in my pants area by showing me things like this:

Real or not, thanks to SHITSTORM, I’m certain that EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE!…and that’s just the way I like it.