Rocktober! Day 27

Okay, so today was going to be the video for The Beautiful People by the super awesome, Marilyn Manson…but the not so super awesome dickwads at Universal Music don’t like their videos being embedded in blogs and whatnot.

I was going to ramble on about how much I like Marilyn and how he’s “good for the kids” and why he’s perfect for Rocktober, but I got all bugaboo when I couldn’t find an embeddable video…

Then I found Justin.

Thanks to the really super awesome, justin1486steiner on YouTube, we have a video far superior than even The Grim Reaper could have imagined….far superior than the actual video directed by Floria Sigismondi…you just have to see it…

But first, here’s what Justin has to say about himself:

“Justin Steiner is here all the way from The Netherealm or gates of hell (some bloody place) and I have decided to play your favorite songs. The tools of destruction i use are my Epiphone SG Special, 30 watt 12 inch Line 6 Spider III amp, Monster cable, knife und verdammter Mickey Maus (i got all that from the manual). Oh yeah and i have a really hot girlfriend that i love and will die again for!! Sie liebe Ich sehr viel!!”

Oh man…have I ever told you guys how much I love the internet?


I really, really, really, love it….seriously.