Do The Hammerlock, You Turkeynecks!

The Wrestler Who Made Milwaukee Famous, Reggie “The Crusher” Lisowski


And 60s garage rockers, The Novas, classic tribute:

You know, there really needs to be more wrestlers like The Crusher and more songs about wrestling…

It’s So NOT Rockvember

But if it was Rockvember, it would be a little different from Rocktober.

You see, Roctober had a theme, but Rockvember (if there even was such a thing…and there isn’t) would just be a straight up cornucopia of Rock and Roll! No themes…no gimmicks…just The Rock!

Man, if I was doing Rockvember, I’d totally have to include garage rock legends, The Sonics!

But which song? They have soooo many awesome tracks, like, Strychnine, Psycho, and Have Love, Will Travel…but I’d totally have go with “The Witch” for Rockvember, cause that’s how I roll…