Doomsday Cults, Devil’s Triangle, Black Revolutionaries, Bikers, and Blue Eyed Soul.

Crazy title for a blog, huh? Well, it must mean another payday has come and gone and daddy has snatched up another pile of LPs for his listening pleasure.

Let’s start with this whole DOOMSDAY CULT business:

Hey, it’s that sarin gas wacko! That’s right kids, what we have here is a 7″ featuring 2 songs from none other than Shoko Asahara…yoga enthusiast, cult leader, and now, velvety crooner!

I have to admit, “Lord Death’s Counting Song” and “Sonshi’s March” were both relaxing little songs to start my morning off with. Pretty cool 45, but truth be told, when it comes to Japanese music, nothing makes me more happy than THE MOTHRA SONG by those delightful shobijinn.

So what about this mysterious Devil’s Triangle, then?

1979s THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE by TOMITA! It has a beautiful sea blue colored vinyl and according to the packaging, “Each side of this record contains coded data in the form of certain sound effects. The message can be recovered if the electrical signal from the record is interfaced with the input of a micro computer programmed to the TARBEL System.

Say what? Whatever, nerds, it’s Tomita, and I loooove me some Moog and Roland Synthesizers! If you’ve never heard of this dude, please click around and amaze your ears.

“The man got down…the brothers were ready… You must see it! It’s a mother!”

The soundtrack to THE FINAL COMEDOWN by Grant Green. I haven’t seen this movie, but believe me, I’m on the lookout! I couldn’t find any clips of the film online, but here’s a musical sampling:

Fuck yeah, now that’s funky!

Now howsabout some Bikers? That’s a little misleading…you see, there are some bikers featured in EVERY WHICH WAY BUT LOOSE:


But the soundtrack has both kinds of music…Country and Western!

And that leaves us with blue eyed soul…peep the SMITH lp in the upper left of the pic. I finally got my hot little hands on this fucking record! Remember when I was all gay for Gayle McCormick a few posts back? It’s mine now, and I plan of playing the shit out of it.

That’s all for now….oh, and I’ll be posting some big big news about some new happenings for The Canacorns tomorrow! Stay tuned!

Sometimes You Buy ‘Em Just For The Covers.

You guys remember the TIMEX SOCIAL CLUB? I didn’t, but the cover for the Rumors 12″ was hard to pass up. They only had this one hit…but it was obviously good enough for Bobby Jimmy and the Critters to spoof with…ROACHES!

In addition to the TSC I also grabbed:

The soundtrack to RISKY BUSINESS…you know, it’s not all BOB SEGER on this one…you also get TANGERINE DREAM, MUDDY WATERS, JEFF BECK, PRINCE, JOURNEY, and PHIL COLLINS!

Oh, the “sexy train ride”….

STEVE WALSHSCHEMER DREAMER…love the cover, but the KANSAS front man’s musical stylings leave me a little cold.

If you don’t know by now, I’ll tell you again…I have a undying love for DISCO…and Keep On Jumpin’ by MUSIQUE makes me smile.

I don’t know about you, but I feel the need to learn more about GERRY BLEDSOE and SOUL ALIVE.

My favorite find this round of record buying was GAYLE MCCORMICK – FLESH & BLOOD. This record surprised the shit out me. I had no idea who Gayle was until I did some poking around on the interweb. Imagine my pleasant surprise when I found out this was her:

SMITHBaby it’s you

Sweetness…her solo stuff is pure whiskey soaked rhythm and blues with a hearty helping of blue eyed soul…check her out.