Better Move Your Butt When These Ladies Strut!

Ever hear of Darktown Strutters? No, not the whack-a-doodle band from Denton (although I do think they rule), but the 1975 Black-Babes-On-Wheels-Psychedelic-Freak-Out of a film!

I’ve read about this film on a few movie blogs like, Cinebeats, Surfin’ Dead, and The Horn Section…but since I’ve never had the pleasure of actually seeing it, I’ve had to swallow my jealousy and pour a six pack of beer on it just to make it through the day…

Well, jealousy, BE GONE!

Rev. Fred Phantom at Midnight Confessions has hepped me to some serious jive, Jack!

Get this! Over at Random Rumblings the incredibly white yet funky, Gotankgo posted all 1:23:40 of this out of print Blax-terpiece (see how I did that? I took the word “Blaxploitation” and the word “masterpiece” and put them together to…oh, forget it)!

What in the Hell are we waiting for? Let’s watch it now!